Assam Holidays 2020

The Assam holiday list 2020 offers a great opportunity to plan your leaves and take advantage of long weekends. Here we have compiled a list of public, national and bank holidays in Assam for 2020.

Magh Bihu15 JanuaryWednesday
Republic Day
26 January
Me-Dum-Me-Phi31 JanuaryFriday
10th March
Good Friday
10th April
Bohag Bihu & Ambedkar Jayanti
14 April
May day1 MayFriday
Idul- Fitr24 MaySunday
Bakrid31 JulyFriday
Independence Day
15th August
Gandhi Jayanti
2nd October
Maha Navami24 OctoberSaturday
25th October
14th November
Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti30 NovemberMonday
Christmas Day
25 December

List of days observed in Assam as a holiday

Famous Assam Festivals holidays 2020

Tusu Puja: The tea tribes of Assam worship Goddess Tusu Devi on Tusu Puja. It is an important festival celebrated in Assam.

Bohag Bihu: Bohag Bihu is celebrated by the people of Assam as well as other Northeastern states of India. The festival marks the start of the Assamese New Year.

Me-Dum-Me-Phi: The Ahom community of Assam celebrate this festival in remembrance of their ancestors for the well being of the people and society. The day is marked with colorful processions with devotees dressed in traditional attire.

Janmashtami: Janmashtami is a spiritual festival, which celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. The devotees fast the entire day and spend time reciting devotional songs.

Maha Shivaratri: During the Maha Shivaratri, which is observed every year, a massive fair is organized in Shiva Temples to offer pooja to Lord Shiva.

Buddha Purnima (Poi-Nun-Hok): This is a major festival for the Tai Phake community of Assam and its marks the birthday of Lord Gautama Buddha.

Kali Puja: Assam celebrates Kali Puja like Odisha and West Bengal to worship Goddess Kali. The bhog (food) is served to the devotees gathered in pandals.

Assam Holiday Destinations

The state also has many tourist points that attract the people not only from Assam but also from other states. They consist Kaziranga National Park and Assam State Zoo. Tea gardens are popular tourist spots in Assam.

Majuli, Cherrapunji and Dawki are the best places to be visited on holidays of Assam. Majuli is one of the biggest river islands in the globe. Cherrapunji is the wettest spot. The tourist points of Cherrapunji include Dainthlen Falls, Nohkalikai Falls, Arwah Cave etc. Dwaki is a must visit place in Assam.