Uttarakhand Holidays 2020

Public, national, regional or bank holidays help us in planning quick vacations with loved ones without needing to take absence from work or classes. Here, we have compiled a list of all public and bank holidays in the state of Uttarakhand for 2020.

Republic Day
26 January
21 February
10th March
Ram Navami02 AprilThursday
Good Friday10 AprilFriday
Ambedkar Jayanti14 AprilTuesday
Buddha Purnima07 MayThursday
24 May
31st July
Rakshabandhan03rd AugustMonday
12th August
Independence Day
15th August
Gandhi Jayanti
2nd October
25th October
Eid-e-Milad30 OctoberFriday
14th November
Deepavali Holiday15th NovemberSunday
Bhai Dooj16th NovemberMonday
Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti
30th November
Christmas day
25 December

Major festivals

Kumbha Mela: It is one of the most popular festival of Uttarakhand. It is the biggest congregation of pilgrims which entails taking dips in the river of Ganga to rid oneself of one’s sins. Followers, saints, sadhus, or just onlookers, regardless of their caste, creed or gender originate from throughout the nation and even world to bath themselves in the waters of Ganga, hoping to eliminate the cycle of birth and death. This mela is a 3-month lengthy festival which happens once in every 4 years rotating in between Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain, and Nasik, i.e., just when in 12 years in any one place.

Basant Panchami

It is the festival which celebrates the coming of Basant or spring season. It is a significant festival in Uttarakhand. This festival marks the end of wintertime, a season of death and degeneration, and is celebrated in the month of Magh or January/ February. The traditional clothe themselves up in yellow clothing, do Chounphula and Jhumelia dances and fly kites.

Bhaitauli and Harela

Harela is a festival that marks the beginning of the rainy season or monsoon. People belonging to the Kumaon community celebrate this festival during the month of Shravana, i.e., July-August. Mythological, this event celebrates the wedding celebration of Lord Shiva and Parvati. People make small idols or dikars of gods like Maheshwar, Ganesh. This festival is adhered to by another, Bhaitauli which is celebrated in the month of Chaitra, i.e., March- April. It focuses on farming where ladies plant seeds in the soil and by the end of the festival they reap the harvest which is called Harela.

Makar Sakranti

For people of Uttarakhand, this festival notes the change of reason. According to the Hindu religious texts, Makar Sankranti marks the day of Uttarayani, i.e., the sunlight has gotten in the zodiacal indicator of ‘makar’ (Capricorn) from ‘kark’ (cancer) as well as has therefore started relocating in the direction of the north.


Bissu, the harvesting festival is celebrated over a period of five days, when processions of local deities are taken out in palanquins.