Which is the best option: Online Personal loans or Offline Personal loans

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Personal loans are those financial weapons that have the potential to take you out of any temporary financial emergencies, there is no one-size-fits-all solution between online and offline loan applications. One side where online personal loan is growing at a rapid pace, there are still many individuals in the market who goes with offline loan processing as they prefer face to face interaction. So, it is up to you whether you apply loan via online or offline mode. Before making a choice, it is wise to have a proper understanding of both the loan process.

Online Personal Loan Vs Offline Personal Loan

Loan application

In the case of online, you can fill the loan application sitting at anywhere and at any time after checking the eligibility.

In case of offline, you need to visit the bank to fill the loan application during its working hours. It is must that bank official is present over there to process your loan application.


When you apply for a personal loan online with a bank or NBFCs, it requires minimal documentation or paperwork. All you need to upload the scanned documents such as PAN card, identity proof, address proof, and income proof. It is a kind of paperless personal loan.

In the case of an offline application, you will be required to go to the bank and make the submission of the necessary documents. After submitting it, it takes some days for confirmation. It is a paper-intensive process.

Loan Processing time

In online personal loan processing, documents uploaded within a few hours and after that applicant’s eligibility is established. Some lenders have started using Artificial Intelligence to make this process even quicker.

In offline personal loan processing, time is significantly longer as lenders need to make physical verification of the documents submitted before establishing the credibility of the applicant.


In the case of online personal loans, you can make a comparison of multiple loan offers of various financial institutions simultaneously through information available online. It helps in choosing the best loan offer.

If you wish to make a comparison of personal loan offers of various banks in the case of offline, you need to make a personal visit to all banks and NBFCs to arrive at a decision which is a time-consuming process.

Additional Charges

In Online loan processing applications, there were no additional charges imposed during the loan processing. Charges provided clearly on the website of lenders.

In offline loan processing, additional charges might be there in the form of commission of agents.


As technology has become much advanced so people now find it more convenient to access financial products with the help of technology instead of making use of the traditional application process. If you compare both, you will understand that opting for an online personal loan is much easier and quicker. In the future, there is a larger possibility that digital lending makes its significant presence over traditional loan processing.