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Personal Loans in Kolkata

Personal loans in Kolkata are provided by multiple of financial institutions and NBFCs at an affordable interest rate with loan amount ranging from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 25 Lakhs and a tenure period of one to five years. A personal loan does not require you to provide an asset as collateral as it is a type of unsecured loan. Unsecured Personal loans in Kolkata are best suited for times of contingencies as the loan is provided instantly. Minimal documentation and processing time is taken for the loan approval process. Also, personal loans can help you save up some amount as the interest rates are lower than credit card rates.

Usually, a personal loan is obtained for various purposes such as paying off medical bills, home renovation, wedding expenses, personal durable goods and travel expenses. You can use a personal loan if you want to pay off multiple unpaid loans by opting for debt consolidation or balance transfer.

Being a metropolitan city and a commercial hub, Kolkata is a preferred location for financial institutions. A large number of banks and NBFCs provide personal loans in Kolkata. They give low-interest rate loans with several attractive features. Due to financial reforms and business expansion, the city has seen new heights of development in the last few years. The change in lifestyle and increasing needs of people is leading to the constant growth of finance and service industry. The emergence of digital technology has equipped people with knowledge and convenience of obtaining credit products. Instead of visiting a bank, natives of Kolkata can take advantage of the online services of FinTech companies like IndiaLends. Our services are completely free and you can get some of the best personal loan offers in Kolkata.

To get a low interest personal loans, you need to fulfill the personal loan eligibility criteria of a financial institution. Financial institutions prefer loan applicants with a fair credit history. However, if you have a poor credit score for any reason, you can still find a loan but at a higher interest rate. You can increase your credit score over a period by proper credit management. Personal Loan in Kolkata is available for individuals who earn at least Rs. 20,000 per month. If your company is listed with a bank, it is a plus point but not a mandatory condition for a loan. You need to give the recent salary slips and salary account statement to prove your financial credentials. Apart from that, identity proof, address proof and PAN Card are other required documents to get a loan. Several other factors such as tenure of employment in current company and total work experience are also taken into consideration by banks and NBFCs in Kolkata.

IndiaLends offers free customer support to personal loan aspirants. You don’t need to pay any charges or commission to us. The main benefits of availing our services are - convenience, best loan offers, and 100 per cent transparency .By using our services, you can easily avail a good loan offer meant for you. When you apply personal loan in Kolkata through us, you just need to fill up a simple form. We handle everything for you ranging from documentation to disbursal. Our experienced financial team takes care of your credit needs and finds a good personal loan offer for you. Our team of experienced professionals can fetch you the best personal loan offers in Kolkata. They evaluate your profile and match them against the eligibility criteria of various financial institutions. After the careful analysis of available offers, they pick the best proposal for you.

You can also check your personal loan eligibility by visiting our website. Moreover, we have an efficient personal loan EMI calculator which will help you get an idea of how much loan amount you should borrow. Further, you can also benefit from our free credit report service before applying for a loan which gives an in-depth analysis of your credit history.

Personal Loan: An Overview

A Personal loan is a form of credit offered by financial institutions for the borrower’s personal use.
It is an unsecured loan and doesn’t require collateral as security or a guarantor to avail the loan.

*The figures provided in the table are indicative subject to change from time.

How it Works

A Personal loan is a form of credit offered by financial institutions for the borrower’s personal use.
It is an unsecured loan and doesn’t require collateral as security or a guarantor to avail the loan.




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Find out your customized interest rate for a Personal Loan in Kolkata

A Personal loan is a form of credit offered by financial institutions for the borrower’s personal use.
It is an unsecured loan and doesn’t require collateral as security or a guarantor to avail the loan.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

  • eligibility

    Good Credit Score

  • eligibility

    Above 21 years of Age

  • eligibility

    Salaried professional

  • eligibility

    Resident of India

  • eligibility

    Valid Bank Account

  • eligibility

    PAN Card and Voter ID Card/Driving License

  • eligibility

    Bank Statements for the last three months

  • eligibility

    Salary Slip for last three months

Personal Loans in Kolkata Reviews

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    • user
    • Neelam Sharma

      IndiaLends gives you access to your credit score and freedom to apply for personal loan sitting at home. The site offers you an overview of different types of loans like personal loans, unsecured loans, installment loans and others where no guarantor is required.


    • user
    • Saniya Fatima

      My experience with IndiaLends has been really good as they have done a good job in processing my loan with HDFC. The website and app is good and easy to use and it is nice to get connected with the bank.


    • user
    • Kamal Baluni

      Through IndiaLends app I was able to know few details of various banks and also the offers they provide. The app has been really helpful and convenient while applying for a personal loan.


    • user
    • Asiya Afzal

      The service was up to mark. They got me connected with the best bank for personal loan. The executive was fast to complete the process. Satisfied!


Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How much can I borrow and for how long?

A. You can get personal loans starting from Rs. 25,000 up to Rs.25 lakhs for 1 to 5 years.

Q. Can I repay my loan early?

A. Yes, you can pre-pay your loan as and when you want.

Q. How does Indialends assess my credit worthiness and how long does this take?

A. Each consumer wishing to borrow on the Indialends portal will need to go through a rigorous verification and credit assessment process. The assessment is based on information collected from various data sources like the application form, credit bureaus, bank statements, pay slips, verification reports, social media, etc. The above process is automated and happens within seconds. Hence, you can get an approval shortly after you submit your application.

Q. Why was my application rejected?

A. The reason your application was rejected was because your credit profile did not match the criteria stipulated in the Indialends policy at the time. However, Indialends might be able to approve your application at a later date, if by then your credit file has improved or there have been changes in the Indialends credit policy.

Q. What is my repayment schedule?

A. Repayment of the loan will happen monthly on an EMI (equated monthly installment) basis where the amount will be calculated based on amortizing balance. One or two of the installments might be different which will depend on the timing of the loan.

Q. What happens in the case of a missed payment or non-payment by a borrower?

A. If the monthly payment for a borrower is delayed for any reason, a penalty fee and penal interest might be charged to the borrower. The borrower’s credit file will also get impacted which will restrict him / her to get credit in the future. Legal action may also be taken against the borrower.

Q. What information is shared with the lenders browsing through the profiles?

A. Lenders will have the ability to view detailed profiles of the borrowers, information like financial information, employment information, etc. The personal information of the borrower remains protected as per our privacy policy.

Q. How do I alter my loan request?

A. Loan requests can only be cancelled prior to loan disbursal. In case you want to make any changes to your request please reach out to The support team will help you in making the modifications.

Q. How can I make monthly payments?

A. You can pay your EMIs using electronic transfer of funds, ECS.

Q. How will you disburse the loan amount?

A. Soon after the loan is approved, the funds will be transferred right into your bank account.