Personal Loan EMI Calculator

A personal loan can be the best solution to manage your uninvited expenses. Use our easy and simple Personal Loan EMI calculator to know how much you will need to pay as EMIs. You can calculate the EMI and the total interest payable on the basis of the loan tenure and loan amount you entered.

Personal Loan EMI Calculator


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Using the Calculator

- Use the loan amount slider to choose your desired loan amount.
- Use the loan period slider to select your desired loan tenure.
- The interest rate offered to you would depend on the loan amount and loan tenure you choose.

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How do I calculate my Personal Loan EMI?

Our Personal Loan EMI Calculator is easy to use and provides instant results. You can calculate the EMI by only entering the following information:
  1. Principal Loan Amount( the amount you need to borrow)
  2. Loan tenure(period for which the loan amount is sanctioned)
  3. Rate of Interest
Use the slider to adjust the value to get your desired results. In case you need to add precise values, you can type the values in the relevant boxes provided next to the slider. As you change the values using the slider or hit the tab key after entering the value, the EMI is re-calculated according to the new values.

How do I understand the results?

After you enter the values, you will be getting the following results:
  1. Monthly repayment(EMIs)
  2. Total interest payable
  3. Total amount to pay

The monthly repayment shows the Equated Monthly Instalment you will be paying as per the loan amount, loan tenure and the rate of interest you entered.

The total interest payable will be the total interest that is calculated on the basis of the values you entered.

The total amount to pay is the sum of the principal amount and the interest you are liable to pay for the stipulated interest rate, duration, and loan amount.

How can I prequalify for a personal loan?

In order to qualify for a personal loan, you must have a good credit score (750 or above), consistent income and the required documents. However, every lender does a complete check of your finances before providing you with a pre-qualified offer.

What are the personal loan interest rates of 2018?

IndiaLends offers personal loans from 40+ lenders at interest rate starting at 10.75%. To know the personal loan interest rates of 2018 offered by different lenders, click here .

What are the factors that affect the interest rates on a personal loan?

The interest rate offered on a personal loan depends on various factors. Some of the important factors are:
  1. Credit score

    Credit score plays an important role in deciding the interest rate of a personal loan. In fact, a score above 750 or above can give you the power to negotiate on the given interest rate.

  2. Loan amount

    The loan amount is another factor that plays an important role in deciding the interest rate. Which is why it is advisable to take the amount that you need to save on interest costs.

  3. Loan tenure

    The loan tenure or the duration for which the loan is sanctioned is another factor that comes into play. There is an inverse relationship between the loan tenure and the interest rate. The longer the loan tenure, the lower the interest rate and vice-versa.

  4. Employer

    Your employer is another important factor that is considered when deciding your personal loan interest rate. The reputation of the employer and the number of years you’ve been associated with them contributes to determining the interest rate. For example, if you work with a highly reputed and established firm, the chances of you getting a low-interest rate is higher.

  5. Income

    Individuals with higher income and job stability are likely to get a low-interest personal loan. This is because a consistent income gives the lender the much-needed trust that the loan will be repaid. This is why lenders have a minimum income requirement as their prerequisites.

What are the benefits of a Personal Loan EMI Calculator?

There are a lot of benefits associated with a Personal Loan EMI calculator. Here are a few benefits of using a personal loan EMI calculator:
  1. Our personal loan EMI calculator helps you calculate the amount you need to pay as EMIs.
  2. By calculating the EMIs, you can plan your budget and spending accordingly.
  3. You can know the total amount to be paid and the total interest payable. This will help you determine the loan tenure that suits you as per your budget.

How can IndiaLends help me get best personal loans deals?

IndiaLends is the one-stop solution for your money-related worries. We provide personal loan offers from 40+ lenders at minimal documentation. With EMI starting at ₹1400, we can help you connect with lenders based on your eligibility. With our algorithms with machine learning, we will find the best suitable bank/NBFC offering minimal interest rate.