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ICICI Bank Personal Loan

ICICI Bank offers a wide range of loans especially crafted for their customers. A personal loan from ICICI Bank can be used for multiple purposes. Being one of the largest financial institutions in India, it aims to provide financial solutions to loan-seekers instantly. The loans can also be availed without pledging any security against to the bank hence, are also known as unsecured personal loans.

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Why Choose ICICI Bank Personal Loan?

You can benefit from the attractive loan offers and several other products features. Here are a few reasons for choosing ICICI Bank for a personal loan.

  • Affordable and Flexible Interest Rates
  • Fast Loan Approval
  • Easy Documentation Process & 100% Transparency
  • Maximum Loan up to Rs. 25 Lakhs
  • Flexible Repayment options, ranging from 1 to 5 years
  • Zero Hidden Charges and Low Processing Fee
  • Fast disbursal with money in your account within 2 days.

ICICI Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate

The rate of interest will range from 10.99% to 17.99% p.a. It will depend on the customer’s credit score, credit history and the relationship with the bank, and finally the bank’s internal policies.

Salaried Individual

Loan Amount

Starting From Rs. 50,000 up to Rs. 25 lakhs

Interest Rate

10.99% to 17.99%

Processing Fee

From Rs. 999/- Up to 2.0% of the loan amount and applicable Service Tax

Loan Tenure

1 to 5 years


23 years up to 58 years

Prepayment Charges

Up to 5% per annum of principal outstanding plus service tax

ICICI Bank Personal Loan Features and Benefits

Multi-purpose loan

Be it a wedding, refinancing your home, paying your college fees or planning a holiday, a personal loan from ICICI bank can reconcile all your requirements. Personal loans are therefore also known as multi-purpose loans as they can be used for various purposes.

Loan Amount

ICICI personal loans are available for both, self-employed individuals and salaried working professionals. A salaried professional can avail a maximum limit of Rs. 20 lacs, Rs. 30 lacs for self-employed individuals and Rs. 40 lacs for doctors.

Flexible interest rate

The rate of interest is fixed, and is charged on monthly reducing basis. It is calculated on the overdue amount i.e., the amount to be repaid after the EMI and Interest paid.

Flexible tenures, EMI and Payment Options

ICICI bank offers personal loan at attractive interest rate with a loan tenure ranging between 12 months to up to 60 months. You can pay the loan in easy installments and can choose an EMI plan which best suits your current financial position.

Personal Loans Repayment Options:

  • Standing instructions for an auto-debit from your existing ICICI account
  • Via ECS (Electronic Clearing System)
  • PDC (Post-dated cheques)

Personal loans as an unsecured loan

You can avail an unsecured personal loan from ICICI bank without any guarantor or security.

Easy Documentation

Taking a personal loan from ICICI bank involves a simple and easy process. You can apply for a personal loan online and receive an easy personal loan approval as there is minimal paperwork involved during the process.

Affordable Interest Rates

ICICI Bank Personal Loan can be availed at an interest rate of 10.99% to 17.99% and can change at any time. However, the rate of interest can vary with each customer depending on his/her credit score, repayment history and the internal policies of the bank.

ICICI Bank Personal Loan Fees and Charges

Processing Fees ICICI Bank charges a processing fee of 0.25% to 1.50%; Rs. 999 of loan amount with applicable service tax.
Foreclosure ChargesIn case you want to repay your entire loan amount before the loan period ends. ICICI Bank allows prepayment of personal loan after paying 6 EMI’s with 5% prepayment charges applicable.
Eligibility Criteria

ICICI Bank Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

For Salaried Employees :

Age Requirement : Minimum 23 years of age and maximum 58 years of age.

Cities Minimum Salary Requirement Per month
Applicants residing in Mumbai & Delhi Rs. 25,000
Applicants residing in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune & Kolkata Rs. 20,000
Applicants residing in other cities Rs. 18,000

Total years in Job/profession : 2 years

Total years in current residence : 1 year

ICICI Bank Personal Loans Documents Required

Complete online loan application

Fill it up online within two minutes

Identity Proof

Aadhar Card/Voter ID Card/Passport/Driving License

Address Proof

Aadhar Card/Passport/Telephone or Electricity Bill/Ration Card/Rental Agreement.

Bank Statement

Bank statement of last 3 months or bank passbook of 6 months

Salary Slip

Salary slip of the last 3 months with Form 16

Documents Required

Why Apply for ICICI Bank Personal Loans at IndiaLends?

ICICI Bank has collaborated exclusively with IndiaLends, an online marketplace which offers low-interest personal loans best suited for your needs. If you are seeking a Personal Loan with ICICI bank, you can simply fill up an online loan application form after checking your ICICI Bank Personal Loan Eligibility. Moreover, you can use an online Personal Loan EMI calculator available at our website to calculate your affordability.

Personalised Loan Offers

At IndiaLends, you can receive personalised loan offers and best deals at the best rate of interest. This is due to a tie-up with ICICI Bank, which helps you get the best deal on your personal loan as per your profile.

Instant Approval

You will get an instant approval on your personal loan after you fill in an easy online application form.

Cash within 2 days

Soon after the loan is approved, the funds are transferred right into the borrower’s bank account within two working days. Thus, we need no room for delay.

Real Time Tracking Facility

After submission of your loan application at IndiaLends, you can track your application online and moreover, will receive updates of your submitted application form through email and SMS.

Dedicated Customer Support

IndiaLends has a dedicated customer support team and helpline which is always ready to help with any grievances or questions from loan applicants.

How to Apply for ICICI Personal Loans at IndiaLends?

At IndiaLends, applying for an ICICI Bank Personal Loan is a simple process.

Step 1

Fill up an online loan application form

Step 2

We will review your application and
give you a decision within minutes

Step 3

You will be receiving your cash within two days

We will forward your loan application to your nearest ICICI Bank branch. You can also check the status of your loan application through SMS alerts as well as emails.

How to calculate EMI for ICICI Bank personal loan?

IndiaLends provides an easy and simple personal loan EMI calculator to calculate the EMI on ICICI Bank personal loan. It’s easy to calculate and 100% accurate. Moreover, personal loan EMI calculator helps you calculate the amount you need to pay as EMIs and can plan your budget and spending accordingly.

The EMI’s and repayment period shares an indirect relationship with each other i.e longer your tenure, the lower is your EMI and vice-versa. While calculating the EMI on a personal loan, keep these things in mind-

Personal Loan Amount – The Rupee value of the loan that you take
Personal Loan Interest Rate – The interest rate that the bank will charge for the Personal Loan
Tenure of Personal Loan – The period for which you take the Personal Loan

For instance, Mr. Sharma wants to go on a foreign trip to Bali with his family during the summer holidays. He contacts a tour operator and the tour operator gives him a figure close to ₹5 lakhs. Mr. Sharma seeks out for an ICICI Bank personal loan. As per his financial ability, he believes that he will be able to repay the loan in 5 years. He then calculates his EMIs which comes at ₹10,869 at an interest rate of 10.99% p.a.

Types of personal loan offered by ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank personal loan balance transfer ICICI bank provides balance transfer facility on personal loans to help you reduce your burden of existing loan. You can reduce your EMIs through balance transfer and avail additional benefits. The key features of an ICICI Bank personal loan balance transfer are-

  1. Attractive interest rates
  2. Top-up loan facility
  3. Hassle-free process with minimum documentation.
  4. Increase tenure
The documents required for an ICICI bank personal loan balance transfer are-
  1. Most recent loan statement
  2. Bank statement for the last 6 months with a repayment schedule
  3. Salary slip
  4. KYC
Top-up loan ICICI bank also provides top-up loan facilities to help its customers meet their financial needs. An individual can opt for a new loan to cover her/his existing loan or new financial requirements. In such cases, a person can separate EMIs for both, existing and personal loan. Key features for availing a top-up loan-
  1. Collateral is not needed
  2. Minimum documentation is required
  3. Attractive interest rates starting at 10.99%
  4. Quick processing

Prepayment of ICICI personal loan

An individual can prepay the entire loan amount anytime after paying 6 EMI’s.

Prepayment charges would be levied on the outstanding loan amount, and no part-payment is allowed. The prepayment charges are 5% p.a of the principal outstanding + GST included on the ICICI personal loan. You can visit your nearest ICICI bank branch for prepayment of the loan. You just need to carry the documents

  1. Request letter signed by the loan applicant.
  2. PAN card(if the mode of payment is cash and the amount exceeds ₹50,000)
  3. Payment can be made through cash, cheque or demand draft

ICICI personal loan status

The foremost step is to submit all your documents with the bank and fill up the application form with correct information. Once the ICICI bank receives the application form, it determines if a person is eligible for a personal loan or not. If a person is found eligible, they will get approved of the maximum loan amount based on their eligibility criteria. A person can check the status of her/his application form on the official website of ICICI bank, or they can contact the customer care for help with tracking the application.

Some frequently asked questions(FAQs) regarding ICICI bank personal loan

Yes, you can track your loan application. ICICI bank provides a loan application tracking options to its customers. You just need to fill up a form seeking your details and track your loan application.
You can also check the loan application status via IndiaLends App/web using “Track My Application.”

You can avail loans ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 40,00,000. The approval of the loan amount depends on various parameters like your income, credit history, repayment patterns and capacity, your eligibility among various other factors.

ICICI bank offers easy and quick approvals on its personal loan. The process won’t take much time of the customers. ICICI bank offers instant approvals on personal loan at attractive interest rates.

A good credit score plays an integral role for loan applications approvals and also determines a person’s ability to repay the loan. If you have a good credit score i.e above 750, chances are your personal loan application would be approved easily. While other factors are just as important, lenders also look for a person’s credit score and credit report before availing a loan.
A person with a good credit score can expect to have a lower interest rate on their personal loan and vice-versa. It’s always advisable to maintain a healthy credit score.

The minimum tenure for loan repayment is 12 months and the maximum tenure is 60 months for the repayment of the loan.

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