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Dec 01, 2018

2018 is almost over and we hope it was a good one for you. Even if it wasn’t you have precisely 30 days to turn that around. Christmas and New Year festivities are about to begin in full swing soon. We can’t think of a better way to end the year (and utilize the holidays) than travel. With only a few days left we decided to make the travel planning and research a little easier for you. Here are the best destinations (not the cliches) that you can check out to spend the festival season-

Destinations Within India


Why It is the non-commercialized version of Goa
Flight costs Approximately ₹5000* on side
Things to do Enjoy the amazing beach views without having to tolerate the crowd.

Rann of Kutch

Why? The natural beauty will take your breath away
Flight costs Approximately ₹3000* one side
Things to do See the white rann, watch the craftsmanship in the villages and check out the diverse wildlife.


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Why? For the awesome weather and the picturesque beaches
Flight costs Approximately ₹7000* one side
Things to do The backwaters, stay in a treehouse, see the Athirapally waterfalls and visit coffee plantations


Why? Whether you love quiet beaches or woke nightlife, it has something to do for everybody
Flight costs Approximately ₹9000* one side
Things to do Water Sports in the ocean, tour the “French” colonies and shop around the flea markets.


Why? From monasteries to adventure sports, wish for whatever your heart feels like
Flight costs Approximately ₹15000* one side
Things to do Yak safari, trekking, mountain biking, rafting, paragliding and visit the Lal Bazaar.


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International Destinations


Why? Glorious beaches, the delectable cuisine, and the rich cultural history, you are in for a treat.
Flight costs Approximately ₹23000* one side
Things to do Get mesmerized by the Pyramids and Sphinx, shop at Khan al-Khalili, explore the red sea and Nile.


Why? Feel like Indiana Jones while exploring the city
Flight costs Approximately ₹18000* one side
Things to do Discover Petra and Mount Nebo and float in the dead sea. Camp under the stars in Wadi Rum.


Why? Fall in love with the diverse topology
Flight costs Approximately ₹9000* one side
Things to do Dune-bashing, camel trekking, camping under the starry night sky. Cruise and watch dolphins dive.


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Why? Exquisite museums and galleries along with other architectural beauties.
Flight costs Approximately ₹14000* one side
Things to do Visit the Kolomenskoe Museum, the State Tretyakov Gallery and Bolshoi Theatre to experience Russian art and culture. Devour the local cuisine and roam around the city.


Why? The wildlife and the new year fireworks. And of course the Sydney Opera House
Flight costs Approximately ₹26000* one side
Things to do Explore the Blue Mountains, Jenolan Caves, Sydney Harbour Cruises, Taronga Zoo, and the beaches.

A few tips to save money while you travel:

Family deals: Check with hotels and airlines for family deals if you have a lot of people going with you.

⇒ Use a travel credit card: Redeem your points for free flights and stays.

⇒ Utilize credit cards that offer discounts: When you use credit cards that offer discounts on dining, you can save a large chunk of money.

Get a tourist card: Discounts on travel within the city and tickets to tourist attractions, what more can you ask?

  Make use of a short-term loan: Travel plans do not have to be budget breaking. Convert your spends into smaller chunks by getting a short-term personal loan.

The year-end is the best time to indulge in reminiscence, retrospection, relaxation and eventually planning for the upcoming challenges. So spend some time with your near and dear ones and enjoy the festival season to the fullest. If you have any questions, do let us know in the comment section below. Until next time!

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