Blog > How Personal Loan can be a good option for financing?

Aug 14, 2019

It is not necessary that every time when you are in need of money, you would have enough of it. A financial emergency can be any of the following:

  • Medical emergency
  • To buy a new gadget or machine
  • Financing the Child’s education
  • Wedding
  • Gift something expensive to your near and dear ones
  • House renovation
  • Debt consolidation

To deal with all such situations, personal loan is considered as a good option to bear all the sudden expenses.

Why Personal Loans?

Personal loan falls under the category of unsecured loans. There is no need to provide any collateral
security for taking personal loan. No risk factor is involved in personal loan as compared to risk
factor involved in other types of loan which requires collateral security.

Unique features of personal loan which make it a better option for financing:

a) Easy to avail

Personal loan offered by all the top banks and NBFCs. It is easy to avail as it comes up with the best
affordable interest rates. Now one can easily go with the option of online personal loan as it will help in getting loan sanctioned within few hours. You can enjoy the benefit of online option for applying to a personal loan which is completely a hassle-free process and a time saving process both.

b) No security/ Collateral Required

It is considered as an advantage for those who can’t give any collateral against the loan. This loan is
good for all section of people who need a loan of small amount also that is up to Rs 50,000.

c) Personal Loan is a multipurpose loan

Personal Loan is considered as multipurpose loan. One can apply for this loan to fulfill any kind of
personal need i.e. for higher education of child or refinancing your business, medical emergency or
for a family vacation. You can use the money of personal loan wherever you want and the way you

d) Limited Documentation

The documentation required for getting personal loan is very limited. As already mentioned above
that, there is no collateral is required at the time of applying for a personal loan. Hence, no
document is needed regarding property. Due to limited documentation, time taken to apply
personal loan is reduced to some extent. Everything including bank statement and identity proofs can be uploaded online to get the loan approved.

e) Quick Disbursal

You can easily rely on personal loan for dealing with any kind of financial emergency. Personal Loan processing is very fast. The loan sanction within few hours if all information provided for taking loan is accurate and uploaded in a correct format and secondly if you have a good credit score.

f) Affordable Interest Rates

The best part about the Personal Loan is that it comes with an affordable interest rate. Many people
have a mindset that interest rate of personal loan is high as compared to other loans. But personal
loan is the only loan which comes with a feature of flexibility in its usage. All these factor increases
the risk factor of the bank hence to reduce their risk the interest charged on personal loan is slightly
higher which is fair from the side of lender but that too is also affordable by increasing tenure to
repay the loan.

So now keep your all worries aside, go with the option of digital process to apply for personal
loan. It will help you to deal with all types of financial cash crunch in a hassle-free manner.