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Oct 26, 2018

The simple rule of economics states one should get as much possible and pay as little as possible. This rule is applicable to the finance sector, especially in the personal loan segment. However, it is always not easy to get a personal loan at a low interest rate.

So where do you go at this time and how do you get loans at low-interest?

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Here are a few ways to get the best deal on personal loans:

  • Apply online

Digitisation has helped various sectors, especially the personal finance segment. It has helped around 220 million credit-eligible customers get access to more credit options. The number of digital lending platforms is increasing day by day and therefore are able to assist more people throughout.

Moreover, applying for a personal loan online has also reduced the hassle of paperwork and reduced the time and effort taken by a customer. Nowadays, a customer can simply apply for a personal loan at the convenience of your home.

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  • Add a co-signer

When you add a co-signer on board for a personal loan, you are increasing your chances to get easy approval on the same. If your co-signer has an excellent credit score, you can negotiate on the interest rates offered to you. Moreover, you are splitting the risk associated with defaulting the loan as the loan account is under both your names.  

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  • Pledge a collateral

If possible, you can pledge a collateral. One of the reasons for personal loan offering slightly high-interest rates in comparison to other forms of credit is due to its unsecured nature.

When you pledge a collateral such as a property or fixed deposits, you provide an alternative solution to the lender in a case you default the loan.

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  • Compare personal loan interest rates

One of the ways to find the best deal on a personal loan is by doing an in-depth research on the different interest rates. Only the lender should not assess whether you are right for them, even you should assess the lender before taking the final decision. To find the lender that best suits you, it is important to compare the interest rates in India.

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  • Improve your credit profile

Your credit score plays an important role in your credit profile. Your credit score is a 3-digit numeric expression which helps the lenders assess your creditworthiness. A strong credit score gives you an excellent chance to get the best deal on personal loans.

Generally, the credit scores fall into the following categories:


750 or above






300- 649


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