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Basic Eligibility Criteria

Good Credit Score

Above 23 Years of Age

Self-Employed or Salaried Professional

Resident of India

Valid Bank Account

Aadhar Card , Voter ID / Driving License and PAN Card

Bank Statements for The Last Three Months

Salary Slips for The Last Three Months

Comparison Table For RBL Credit Cards

IndiaLends offers a wide range of RBL credit cards online with various benefits and rewards. Each RBL credit card offers exclusive privileges and unique membership benefits for fulfilling all your needs and lifestyle requirements. RBL Credit Cards come with different reward schemes and cash back offers depending upon the credit card you pick. The popular types of reward schemes available are – Fuel, Shopping, Premium, and others.

Apply for our range of RBL Credit Cards online in less than 2 minutes. Before doing so, you should check your eligibility in the ‘RBL Credit Card Eligibility’ section and compare the range of RBL Credit cards.

Name of the RBL Credit Card Joining Fees Joining Perks Rewards
Titanium Delight Credit Card Rs. 750 2000 reward points. Additional 1,000 reward points if you spend Rs.10,000 in 60-days.
  • 1 reward point per Rs.100 spent for all spends.
  • Rs. 100 worth Fuel surcharge waiver across all pumps.
  • 4,000 Rewards Points on spends of Rs. 1.2 lacs in a year.
Platinum Delight Card Rs. 1,000 4,000 reward points.
  • 4,000 reward points on using the card once within 60-days.
  • 2 reward points per Rs.100 spent for all spends.
  • 4 reward points per Rs.100 spent on the weekend.
  • Rs. 150 worth Fuel surcharge waiver across all pumps.
Platinum Maxima Card Rs. 2,000 8,000 reward points
  • 2 reward points per Rs.100 spent for all spends.
  • 10 reward points per Rs.100 for all spends on dining, utility bills, international spends, entertainment & fuel.
  • 10,000 bonus points on spends of 2 lacs, also get additional 10,000 points on Rs. 3.5 lacs spent in a year
  • 2 free visits on Airport lounge per quarter in Domestic airport lounges.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. What should I do if my RBL Bank Credit Card gets lost/stolen?

A. If you lose your RBL Bank credit card, then you must immediately contact the customer care via the toll-free number 1800 121 9050 to block your credit card. Please ensure to do a follow-up with a written communication.

Q. Can I withdraw cash with my RBL Bank Credit Card?

A. Of course, you can withdraw cash with your RBL credit card. However, it depends on the cash limit available on your credit card which is mentioned on your credit card statement. Please note there is a fee of 2.5% (min Rs. 300) of the cash amount.

Q. Can I withdraw cash from ATMs of other banks?

A. Yes, you can withdraw cash from ATMs of other banks which are MasterCard affiliated. The ATMs will display a MasterCard logo that can help in verification.

Q. Can I use my RBL Bank Credit Card for international transactions?

A. Yes, you can use all RBL bank credit cards that are globally valid for international transactions. Although, RBL credit cards that are globally valid are governed by usage restrictions and other conditions stipulated by the Reserve Bank of India or any government authority. It is to be noted that the transactions carried out in Nepal and Bhutan shall be in the local currency of India(INR).

Q. Where can I use my RBL Bank Credit Card?

A. RBL credit card can be used almost everywhere, including 23 million MasterCard Outlets across the world and 100,000 outlets in India & Nepal.

Q. How do I pay my RBL Bank credit card bill?

A. Customers can pay the credit card outstanding using the following ways:

NEFT payment: Simply login to your bank account with any bank. Transfer the required funds IFSC RATN0CRCARD and the location as NOC Goregaon, Mumbai and then make your credit card payment.

Dropboxes: You can visit the nearest RBL bank branch to drop your cheques in the credit card payment dropbox. Alternatively, you can also use the drop boxes provided through Skypak.

Cards Online: Log on to Cards Online ( and enter your login id and password and thereafter make the required payment.

Quick Bill Pay: You can also use the Quick Bill Pay option available on This will help you pay your credit card outstanding payments from any bank account and receive an online confirmation of your payment.

ECS/ SI Facility: Register for the Electronic Clearing System or Standing Instruction facility for your RBL Bank credit card. This facility can be enrolled by submitting a form for ECS/SI.

Thereafter, the amount would be automatically debited from your account towards credit card bill payment.

Q. How do a customer cancel the credit card?

A. In order to cancel the RBI credit card, you must contact the 24-hrs toll-free RBL card customer care number at 1800 121 9050 and speak with an executive. Please ensure to save the reference number provided to you in your earlier interaction along with your account number/credit card number.

Q. Are my RBL credit card transactions confidential and secure?

A. Yes, your RBL credit card transactions are confidential and secure and can only be seen by you. In fact, RBL Bank uses a combination of robust processes to provide you a very secure online experience. The bank constantly updates its technology to ensure that your transactions are confidential. Some of the safeguards include 128 bit SSL encryption, Verisign Certification, and others.

Q. What is the minimum amount required for RBL credit card Balance Transfer?

A. The minimum amount required for an RBL credit card balance transfer is ₹5000.

Q. How do I apply for Balance Transfer online?

A. Applying for balance transfer online is an easy and simple process. Here are the steps of applying for a balance transfer online:
  • Step 1: Put in a request for a balance transfer in the bank which offers the facility. Alternatively, you can apply at IndiaLends too and get a balance transfer at ease.
  • Step 2: Submit the required documents such as loan repayment track records, age proof, residence proof, identity proof and others. This depends on case-to-case basis and therefore, we advise you to confirm the documents required.
  • Step 3: The balance from the existing lender is transferred to the new lender with new terms and conditions.

Q. What is the grace period on my retail transactions?

A. The grace period on any retail transactions with a credit card ranges between a period of 21-25 days.

Q. What are the key charges applicable to credit cards?

A. The key charges applicable to credit cards are joining fee and annual fee. The joining fee in certain cards are zero whereas annual fee can be eliminated by being an ardent customer. Apart from the above fee, the charges are subject to the usage of the credit card by the user. This could include bounce charges, late payment fee, and others.

Q. What is Over Credit Limit charge and how is it calculated?

A. Every credit card has a credit limit, which if crossed leads to maxing out of the credit card. This attracts a penalty by the issuer which is also known as over-credit limit charge. There is a minimum of ₹500 or 2.5% of over limit amount, whichever is higher. However, this could vary from issuer to issuer.

Q. How can I check my credit card usage?

A. You can view your credit card statement anytime you want. The best three ways to check your credit card usage are:
  • Call your issuer to know the balance
  • Log in to your account on the issuer’s website/app
  • Check your credit card statement

Q. How many supplementary cards can I have and what are the charges involved?

A. A maximum of 5 Supplementary credit cards can be issued against one primary RBL credit card. The charges of supplementary cards are issued under the primary credit card. The charges are therefore similar to the charges involved in a primary credit card.

Q. How can I block my credit card?

A. The fastest way to block your credit card is by contacting the customer care of the respective credit card issuer. This is generally mentioned in the back of your credit card or in your credit card statement.

Q. I want to apply for an ad on card, how to do that and to whom ad on card will be given?

A. Supplementary credit cards can be issued to immediate family members like Spouse, Children, Siblings, and Parents. Although the credit cards have different benefits, it is attached to the primary credit card. Therefore, any charge or benefits earned will be added in the primary account.
In order to apply for an add-on credit card, you need to visit the credit card issuer’s website and request for a supplementary credit card. Generally, an add-on credit card is dispatched within 5-7 days from the date of request.

Q. When is the late payment fee charged on credit card?

A. A late payment fee is charged on a credit card when is the due amount is not paid within the due date. For instance, a credit card payment is supposed to be paid by 10th of every month. If the payment is made after the 10th of the month, a late payment fee is charged.

Q. I want to avail the Balance Transfer facility on my credit card. How to place request for Balance Transfer on credit card?

A. All you need to do is contact the credit card issuer and apply for a balance transfer request. The following information is required to provide for a credit card balance transfer:
  • Credit Limit
  • Expiry date of the credit card
  • Outstanding credit amount
  • Credit card number

Credit Card Eligibility Questions

Q. Am I eligible for an RBL credit Card?

A. You are eligible for an RBL credit card if you meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • The applicant must have a good credit score.
  • He/She must have a consistent source of income.

Q. What basic documents are required when applying for the RBL credit card?

A. The documents required when applying for an RBL credit card are:
  1. A recent passport-sized photo
  2. ID Proof (PAN Card, Voter’s ID, Passport, Any Government Photo ID)
  3. Address Proof (Passport, Driving licence, Rental Agreement, Electricity/Phone/Utility Bill, Latest bank or credit card statement from another bank)
  4. Income Proof (Latest Salary Slip, Income Tax Returns, Bank Statements, Form 16)

Q. What are the Factors Affecting RBL Credit Card Eligibility Criteria?

A. The following factors affect the RBL credit card eligibility criteria:
  1. Credit score
  2. Monthly Income
  3. Documents
  4. Age

Q. How long does it take to apply for and receive a RBL Credit Card?

A. Generally, it take 7-10 days to receive an RBL credit card from the date of application. However, this depends on how quickly the documentation and verification process is complete.

Application Process and Fee Questions

Q. What are the other charges included in the Credit Cards process?

A. IndiaLends does not charge its customers any fees for applying for Credit Cards on its platform. However, financial institutions can charge the following fees along with interest payments:
  1. Add on Card Fee - The fee charged for applying for another card which shall have all the features of your primary Credit Card.
  2. Extended Credit Charges - It is a fee charged by financial institutions for extending the customer’s credit limit.
  3. Cash Withdrawal Charges – The charges paid by the customer to the financial institution for withdrawal of money.

Q. What are the modes available for Credit Card bill payments?

A. Net Banking, NEFT/RTGS Transfers, Debit Cards, Visa Money Transfer, Cash, Cheques, Demand Drafts are some of the ways of making Credit Card Bill Payments.

Q. What factors should I consider while taking a Card?

A. You need to consider the following factors when you take a Credit Card:
  1. Purpose of the Credit Card
  2. Expense behaviour to select the best Reward Scheme
  3. Number of Credit Cards you’re currently holding. Ideally, a customer should hold not more than 3 Credit Cards
  4. Any active loan/heavy EMI payment
  5. Interest Rate on the card
  6. Customer Service

IndiaLends - Specific Questions

Q. Will I be charged by IndiaLends for services offered?

A. No. The services offered by IndiaLends are completely free of charge.

Q. After I submit my application to IndiaLends, what next?

A. Once you fill-up our application form, your application will be matched with the best financial institution based on your credit profile, and will be securely sent to them. You will soon be contacted by the lender directly for disbursal.

Q. How do I apply for a Credit Card with IndiaLends?

A. You can fill-up our short application form and get a status update within minutes of applying.

Q. Can I deactivate my Credit Card?

A. Yes, Once you have decided to close your credit card, the first thing you need to do is to contact your card issuing bank and tell them regarding your card cancellation request. They will ask the reason behind your cancellation request to further guide you through the whole credit card cancellation procedure. According to the norms, you will have to send a written communication via email to your concerned bank so that they can verify and cross check the authenticity of the request. Do keep in mind, your cancellation request will only be accepted once your card holds no dues.