How can RuPay Credit Card on UPI change the face of the Indian Economy?

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Empowering India's Economic Revolution: RuPayXUPI

Rupay UPI

From just 0.29 million monthly transactions in November 2016 to a ground-breaking 9 Billion monthly transactions in May 2023, UPI has changed the face of India's economy. But along with UPI, two more products that have emerged as a powerful force and have reshaped the financial ecosystem are- RuPay and credit cards.

And now, changing the dynamics and continuing the nation's journey toward becoming a global financial powerhouse, these three financial products can be available to customers – ALL AT ONCE.

This article explores how these financial products revolutionize India's economic landscape and foster an inclusive and prosperous future.

Furthermore, we'll shed some light on the new RUPAY x UPI credit cards available in the market and how you link it.

The Rise of RuPay

RupayNational Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), has significantly impacted our economy.

RuPay's contributions have been instrumental in shaping India's economy, fostering financial inclusion, promoting digital payments, and support domestic industries.

UPI: Pioneering Digital Financial Inclusion

UPIUnified Payments Interface (UPI) has been a game-changer for the Indian economy, revolutionizing how people transact and conduct financial activities.

And now, with UPI on RuPay credit card, the whole digital payment ecosystem can be changed. Here's a list of cards available on RuPay UPI.

Customers will receive a seamless, digitally enabled credit card lifecycle experience with RuPay Credit Cards on UPI. The simplicity and greater availability of credit card use will benefit customers. Merchants will benefit from increased consumption by being part of the credit ecosystem and accepting credit cards using QR codes.

How to set up RuPay UPI:

how to set rupay upi

- To start making UPI payments using RuPay credit cards, users must add the credit card to their Google Pay account.

- To add a card, go to Settings on the Google Pay app and tap on the Setup payment method and click on Add RuPay credit card

- You will be asked to enter details like the last six digits of the credit card, expiry date, and pin

- Next, to activate the card, users need to tap on the "RuPay credit card on UPI" option in their profile

- Select the bank which issued their RuPay credit card

- Now, set a unique UPI PIN

India's financial transformation, driven by the strategic convergence of RuPay, credit cards, and UPI, has empowered consumers and fueled economic growth. With increased credit access, digital financial inclusion, and enhanced consumer spending, these growth accelerators are reshaping India's economic landscape and propelling the nation toward becoming a global financial powerhouse. As the fintech ecosystem continues to innovate, India's journey to a prosperous and inclusive future is on an unwavering ascent.