Health insurance portability after marriage

If you are married and thinking to port your health insurance policy, you will have to make certain changes to your existing health plan or go for a new policy. Here, we have discussed several ways in which a health insurance plan can be ported after marriage. The important ways in which this can be done are as follows-

Individual Plan

If you already had an individual health insurance plan before getting married, then you just need to change your personal details such as maiden name, address, signature, etc. After making these changes, your old plan will continue as it is was before. To initiate this process, you will have to submit your marriage certificate along with your request to the bank with a formal letter. 

Family Floater Plan

If you are already included under your father's family floater health plan, then after marriage you have two options. This means you can either include your husband in your father’s existing policy or you can shift to your spouse's health plan. If you include your husband in the existing plan, then you will have to add him in the policy for which you need to submit his documentation and details. And, if you join his existing family health care plan, then you need to provide your personal details.

New Plan

If you are willing to get included in your husband's existing health policy, you can simply be added as his spouse. This process needs to be initiated by your husband by submitting the marriage certificate and your KYC documents which include identity proof, age proof and photographs. The change can be done either on the next policy renewal or at any time during policy continuation by filling up an additional form stating your details and submitting the pro-rated premium.

And, if you do not want to be covered in your spouse's existing health policy, you can also buy an independent plan after marriage if you did not have one earlier. For that, you will have to fill up the proposal form, attach the supporting documents and pay the required premium. You can buy the plan under your new name by submitting the necessary documents.

Bottom Line

Porting your health insurance policy after marriage is important and it should find a place in your list of things to do post-marriage. Starting a future together that is financially secure is the best way to begin this beautiful phase of your life.