Do's and Don'ts of Life Insurance

Like most buying decisions, individuals also get confused while buying a life insurance policy. Several questions like which policy will suit them the best, what is to be avoided while selecting a most appropriate life insurance plan etc. keep on revolving in their minds. To make things easy for you, here we have mentioned some of the do's and don'ts which will help you to choose the best life cover.


Introspect your need

In the first place, you must think and should be very sure about why you are buying a life insurance plan and what are your core requirements and expectations. Understanding this will help you to choose a suitable life cover that will fulfil all your needs. 


It is advisable to do thorough market research to get the best life insurance plan. Nowadays, we have a plethora of options available in the market, so choosing one becomes quite cumbersome. Therefore, exploring multiple policies from different insurance companies is important to get hands-on the most suitable life plan.

Check the reputation of the insurance company

An individual should always check the reputation of the insurance company in the market before buying a policy. As no one wants to buy the policy from the company who is involved in too many disputes. So, it is better to check the company reviews and all the related information online before finalizing your decision.

Read the policy details

Before buying a life insurance plan, you should carefully read the terms and conditions which are mentioned in your application form. Doing so will reduce the chances of any kind of misunderstanding that may arise in the future.

Payment options

An individual also needs to look for what kinds of payment options are available under the policy. This will help them to choose the payment option with which they are comfortable paying. Payment options can be monthly, quarterly, or annually. Besides this, you can also opt for an auto payment option to avoid delays or non-payment.

Free-look period

If you feel that you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions of the policy. Then, the policyholder has an option to cancel/return the policy purchased. However, a policyholder can exercise this facility of returning the policy within 15 days of receiving the policy document. You will get a refund on the premium paid after the pro-rata adjustment. 


Avoid misstating of information

Never misstate any information while filling your life insurance proposal form. Any wrong/false information will lead to the rejection of your claim at the time of need. Moreover, your paid premium will also not be refunded in such cases.

Do not sign blank forms and delay in paying the premium

You should never sign blank forms and make any delay in paying your policy premium. This can lead to the charging of late premium fees by the insurance provider.


While purchasing a life cover, keep in your mind the above-mentioned dos and don'ts. It will help you to avoid any mistakes and select the best policy that suits your requirements.