Online Vs Offline insurance policies

Today we are living in a digital age, where everything is available at our fingertips and insurance is no exception. One can easily apply for the insurance policy online in just one click. To help you understand better, here we have explained some of the top benefits that you can avail by purchasing life insurance online:

Cheaper price

Policies purchased online are comparatively cheaper than the ones which you buy offline. This is primarily because of no involvement of any agent, thereby eliminating agent commission or any intermediary cost. In general, an online insurance plan is approximately 30% to 50% cheaper. Therefore, buying an insurance plan online ensures complete value for money.

Easy comparison

When you buy a policy online, you can compare the features and benefits of various plans before making an informed decision. This makes your online insurance selection process much easier, as you can compare different policies. However, when you buy insurance offline, the information you have is limited to only what your agent tells you.

Easy to apply

Online life insurance plans can be easily accessed by anyone according to their convenience. You can buy the policy anytime and anywhere after doing simple online research. Also, you can avoid the hassles of visiting a company branch and inquiring with an official or agent before buying a life insurance policy.

Interacting with the insurer

You can also interact with the insurer directly when you buy a policy online. From live customer assistance chat tabs to regular updates on your policy premiums and renewal, the whole process of buying insurance online is interactive. Besides this, you also have access to the insurance provider at any time so you can contact them whenever you want.

Lesser frauds

While buying an insurance policy online, you can visit the insurer's website and go through the terms and conditions of the policy in detail. Doing this significantly reduces the chances of fraud.


The best part of buying insurance online is that the whole process is completely digital/paperless. So, you do not have to worry about safeguarding your documents in fear of losing them as all your policy details are available online.

Customer reviews

Purchasing a policy online allows you to have access to varied customer reviews about different policies. You can choose the policy that suits you the best after going through those reviews.

Bottom line

Buying an insurance plan online is a hassle-free and time savvy process. However, if you are comfortable buying it offline, you can choose that as well as per your convenience and after doing thorough research.