Life insurance settlement option

Life insurers nowadays are offering life insurance policies with many customized payout options. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to be aware of the different settlement payout options to settle future claims. Let us know the details of how these options work and which one should you choose.

Different types of life insurance settlement options-

Lump-sum payout: It is one of the most common payout options offered by the life insurance companies. In this case, if the life insured meets with an untimely death during the policy term, the death benefit will be paid to the nominee in a lump sum in one go. The nominee of the policy is free to decide how he/she wants to utilize the funds. Such a payout option is a good choice for those individuals who have significant financial liabilities since the lump sum payout will help their nominee in clearing off those outstanding debts. 

Lump-sum payout with regular income: In this payout option, the nominee will receive a lump sum payout along with a regular fixed income on the death of the policyholder. This option works best for those individuals who want to meet their current debt obligations and would also like their family members to receive a regular income to pay for their immediate financial needs.

Lump-sum payout with increasing income: Under this settlement option, the nominee will receive a lump-sum payout from their insurer in the event of the policyholder’s death. Besides this, the nominee will also receive regular income that will increase periodically. This type of settlement option works best for those individuals who would like to ensure that their nominees are protected against the effects of inflation.

Lump-sum payout and regular monthly income up to the child attaining 21 years of age: This claim settlement option is ideal for individuals with a child. The nominee will receive a large chunk of the sum assured upon the death of the life assured and the rest is paid in equal installments till the child turns 21. Such a payout option will ensure that your child will be able to complete his/her education without having to go through any financial hassles.

Which settlement option should you choose?

Among all the settlement options, choosing one could be quite difficult for you. Therefore, you should choose such an option that should match the financial requirements of your dependent. For example, if you are the sole breadwinner of the family, it is a good idea to opt for a life insurance policy that pays out a lump sum death benefit and regular monthly income. This will ensure that the payout acts as an income replacement, thus helping your loved ones meet their financial requirements. Besides this, you should also go through the fine prints of the policy in detail to ensure that you are aware of your policy's terms and conditions before purchasing it.