How to obtain a home loan after retirement

It is never too late to own a dream house of your own. With home loan eligibility criteria getting broader and more flexible, even retirees or pensioners can easily get a hassle-free home loan. Although these are secured loans, the uncertainty surrounding the life span and financial condition of the senior citizens makes the financial institutions apprehensive towards sanctioning loans to them. However, borrowers who are in their 60s can get their home loan approved by keeping the below-mentioned points in their mind:

Check the eligibility criteria

It is possible to get a home loan after retirement if you meet its eligibility criteria. However, the banks have additional requirements for sanctioning such loans to the applicants who are below 60 years. Therefore, before applying for a home loan after retirement, know if you are eligible or not. Checking the eligibility criteria will boost your chances of loan approval.

Add a Co-applicant

Your chance of availing of a home loan will increase considerably if you add an earning individual as a co-applicant. By adding a co-applicant, the loan approval chances will also improve, and you will also be eligible for getting a higher loan amount. Besides the above-mentioned benefits, adding a co-applicant will let you enjoy several tax benefits.

Check your credit score

One of the most important factors that financial institutions keep in mind before approving your home loan is your credit score. If your credit score is good i.e. 750 and above, then you can easily get approval on your home loan along with a low-interest rate. You can easily check your credit score online by visiting a FinTech website or credit bureau agency.

Choose a lower Loan to Value (LTV) ratio

Loan to Value ratio is the loan amount against the present market value of the asset considered for purchasing. The lenders consider a higher LTV ratio as a risk as there can be higher chances of loan default while a lower LTV helps the borrowers to get the loan at better terms like lower interest rates. So, it is preferable to opt for a low LTV to boost the chances of loan approval.

Use an EMI calculator

A home loan EMI calculator is a freely available online tool that helps you understand the EMI that you need to pay on your home loan. For this, you just need to insert the principal loan amount you would require, the interest rate, and the loan tenure as per the eligibility, and the tool will compute the payable EMI. You can also try various combinations of loan tenure and interest rates until you arrive at an affordable EMI. This whole process will enable you to choose the best home loan as per your budget and suitability.