GST Invoice

 A bill of sale needs to be created whenever any sale and purchase of goods and services takes place. As per the current rules, if such goods and services are part of the GST, it is termed as GST Invoice. Sellers need to create and send a GST invoice to the buyer. It is a necessary part of compliance with the GST rules and regimes.

When to produce the GST invoice?

In case you are having a GST registered business, that has a valid GSTIN, you are mandatory required to create and provide your customers with a GST invoice for sales of any goods or services. If you are making or sale of goods and services from GST registered vendors, you will receive GST compliant invoices from them.

GST invoice format

As per rules specified under the GST Act, to correctly create an invoice under GST rules, it needs to mandatory have the following fields:

  • Date and Invoice number
  • Name of Customer
  • Billing Address and Shipping Address of customer
  • GSTIN of Taxpayer and Customer (if registered)
  • Place of supply
  • HSN Code (Harmonized System of Nomenclature Code)
  • Taxable value/applicable discount
  • GST rates and total GST charged including details of applicable CGST/SGST/IGST for the item
  • Signature of the supplier.

Sample format for GST invoice


GST format in Excel is available as an Excel document for use whenever a new GST compliant invoice is to be generated. In some cases, excel GST format features an inbuilt GST calculator that helps you in speeding up the process of creating GST compliant invoices.  Free excel GST Format is available from a variety of websites and can be modified according to the unique requirements of each GST registered company.

GST invoice software

With the advent of GST, several companies have introduced GST software that automatically prepares invoices according to GST rules for the users after some key data have been provided. Many of these GST compliant invoice preparatory software is available as part of standard tax preparatory software packages. However, most GST invoice software is not free, and a license fee is required for its use.