Aadhaar Card for a Children

The Aadhaar enrolment process for children is the same as adults. There are only a few minor differences. For making Aadhaar Card of children, parents will have to go to the nearest enrollment center and fill the enrollment form. The main differences in the Aadhaar card of children and adult are as follows:

  • No bio-metric data is captured of children below the age of 5 years.
  • A child’s Unique Identification (UID) will be issued by taking into reference the demographic data and photos that are linked to the UID of the parents.
  • However, it will be required for the child upon turning 5 years and 15 years to update his/her demographic data -bio-metrics of ten fingers, facial photo, and iris scan.
  • If parents are applying for an Aadhaar card for their child who is below 5 years, they are required to provide the details of the parent or guardian in the enrollment form.

Process to apply for children’s Aadhaar Card

  • Visit the nearest enrollment center to fill up an enrollment form.
  • The parents need to provide documents and details as a relationship proof with their child.
  • Parents can review the information and after reviewing,  make all the necessary corrections and submit the form.
  • Collect the acknowledgement slip along with the enrollment number.