Ambedkar Jayanti

B.R Ambedkar is the first Law and Justice Minister of Independent India. Each year on 14th April, Ambedkar Jayanti is being celebrated to honor the contributions of Ambedkar Ji, made in constructing the entire concept of the Republic of India.

The history behind celebrating Ambedkar Jayanti 

India is celebrating the Jayanti of B.R Ambedkar because of his remarkable contribution made to the constitution of India. In 1923, the Bahishkrit Hitkarini Sabha was founded by him to spread the need for education and enrich the financial status of the low-income group. 

A social movement, which was aimed at eradicating casteism in the country, was run by him. He commenced social movements such as the anti-priest movement, temple entry movement, anti-caste movement, etc.

In 1930, the temple entry movement was led by him Nashik for human rights. According to him, the problems of depressed people are not resolved completely through political power. Depressed people should be given equal rights in society. In 1942, he was a member of Victoria’s Executive Council. During his tenure, he fought for safeguarding the rights of the low-class people. He was a social reformer and economist throughout his life.

How do the celebrations of Ambedkar Jayanti take place?

On the birth anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar, women, Adivasis, Dalits, laborers, and all other communities for whom B.R. Ambedkar took a stand for. At various places, statues and portraits of Ambedkar are commemorated with garlands to pay respect to the social reformer. Even the United Nations observed Ambedkar Jayanti in the years 2016, 2017, and 2018. Cultural events and discussions about Ambedkar’s life are common practices on this day.