International Men's Day

International Men’s day celebrated each year on 19th November to spread awareness regarding the issues faced by the men on a global scale. This day is commemorated to mark the contributions of men who positively influence their gender and act as a role model.

History behind International Men’s day

While International Women’s Day was inaugurated as early as 1909, men have been demanding for an International Men's Day since 1969. Finally, International Men's Day was relaunched in the year 1999 by Dr Jerome Teelucksingh, who is a doctor from Trinidad and Tobago. He chose the date of November 19 to honor his father’s birthday.

As per Dr. Teelucksingh, the motive behind celebrating International Men’s Day was not only to address issues relating to men and boys but to explore and initiate conversations on taboo topics like men’s mental health and male suicide.

What is the importance of the International Men’s day?

  • Discuss men’s as well as boys’ health – emotional, physical, social, and spiritual
  • Importance of gender equality
  • Improvements in gender relations across different societies
  • Positive male role models for younger generations
  • Making a difference for the boys and men in the community

How Celebrations of International Men’s Day take place in different countries?

Different countries celebrate IMD in different ways by mainly discussing issues that concern the community the most. For example, in the UK, male suicide is one of the major issues that is being focused on International Men’s Day. As their men are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than women in the country (as reported by Samaritans, an emotional support charity).

In India, the celebrations were started in 2007 by Indian Men’s Advocate Uma Chulla. The motto behind this was to expose the shocking abuse that men face in the anti-male legal system of the country. Other topics that are discussed include fatty changes in the liver, and belly fat, which are raising concerns for Indian men.

Many celebrate this day by making donations to causes pertaining to men’s health, making and sharing posters about men’s mental health, and so on.

Although International Men’s Day was founded after International Women’s Day which was conceived in 1910, it is a great way to help to overcome the problem of gender stereotyping and discrimination based on gender. This can help create a safer and better world that allows all people to grow to their best potential and make positive contributions to society.