Vishu festival is being celebrated to mark the beginning of the Malayali New Year and is celebrated with great fervor in the state of Kerala as well as by Malayalis across the world. According to the lunar calendar of Hindus, Vishu is the first day of the month of “Medam”. As per the English Gregorian calendar, Vishu falls usually during mid-April.

Why it is being celebrated?

On this day of Vishu, it’s considered auspicious to see the Vishukkani first thing of the New Year. Vishukkani also pronounced Vishukani, is a collection of several auspicious things such as grains, fruits, vegetables, flowers, lamps, coconut, mirror, gold, and holy books like Ramayanam or Bhagavad-Gita. These are arranged in a large circular metal vessel along with an image of Lord Krishna.

Cassia Fistula, locally known as Konnappoo is used in Vishukkani. Tender mangoes, jackfruit, and Indian yellow cucumber, among other vegetables, are also used. The abundance use of fruits and vegetables signifies the harvest festival that the people of Kerala celebrate.

Vishukkani is set the day before Vishu and is done by the women of the house. Seeing Vishukkani the first thing at the break of dawn is considered auspicious, this ritual is known as Kanikanal.