Best places to visit in Srinagar

Srinagar is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir. This place is also known as ‘paradise on earth’ or ‘Venice of the East’.  The city has vast array of options to explore. From beautiful gardens to mesmerising and serene Dal Lake, and many breath-taking scenic locations which makes this place one of the top tourist destinations in India.

Major Tourist Attractions

Dal Lake

Dal Lake is one of the most visited places and is known as the jewel of Srinagar. One can have a splendid view of lush green mountains and the beauty surrounding it.

Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden

This garden offers some breath-taking views of colourful tulip flowers that will last in your mind forever. It is located on the foothills of Zabarwan Range with an overview of Dal Lake.

Dachigam National Park

This is a perfect place to explore the best of conserved wildlife. It is one of the popular sightseeing places in Srinagar. It is a popular dwelling spot of Kashmiri Stag and Himalayan black bear among other species of flora and fauna.

Shalimar Bagh

Shalimar Bagh is a beautiful garden located on the outskirts of the city. This place attracts many tourists from across the world to witness its horticulture charm. 

Pari Mahal

Pari Mahal is a historic monument located above Chasma Shahi Gardens. The mahal is well-laid by a spacious garden and surrounded by beautiful flowers.

Best time to visit-April to October

Famous Fairs and Festivals Celebrated in Srinagar

Jammu and Kashmir is known as ‘Paradise on earth’.  It is rich in culture and diversity. People here celebrate their festivals with much joy and vigour which adds an extra flavour to the beauty of the state. The best way to understand the fascinating culture of Srinagar is through its fairs and festivals that are celebrated with great zeal. Here are some of the fairs and festivals celebrated in the city are-


The Jhiri Mela

Jhiri mela is celebrated in the memory of a poor farmer who committed suicide to protest against the unfair demands of his landlord.

The Chaitre Chaudash Mela- This fair is held during the month of March-April at the village Uttar Behni which is located at a distance of 25 kilometres from Jammu.

The Purmandal Mela- This fair holds a special significance and it is celebrated on the occasion of Maha Shivratri. The fair is held at Purmandal which is located at a distance of 39 kilometres from Jammu. This fair marks the wedding celebrations of Lord Shiva with the Goddess Parvati.

Bahu Mela- This fair is organised twice a year amid March-April and September-October. It is held at the Kali temple located inside Bahu Fort of Jammu.


Lohri- Lohri is popularly known as ‘Makar Sankranti’ all over India. Held on 13th January to mark the beginning of spring season. On this day, people visit each other’s houses and exchange gifts along with a Chhajja dance.

Shikara Festival- This festival is held during the months of July and August. On this festival, peoples celebrate the iconic shikaras of Srinagar which are beautifully decorated using flowers, lights and decorations. On this day, you will get to see a vibrant sight of the colourful shikaras gliding on the Dal Lake.

Saffron Festival- Srinagar is one of the largest producers of saffron in the world. On this festival, locals and tourist rejoice in the saffron fields to celebrate the festival. This festival is celebrated during the saffron harvest in the last week of November/first week of October.

The Kheer Bhawani Festival- On this festival, people of different religion enjoy the highlight of the occasion i.e. kheer. This festival marks the birth of Goddess Kheer Bhawani and continues till eight days. 

The Tulip Festival

Tulip festival is one of the kind festivals that is celebrated in Srinagar which attracts lots of tourists from across the world. On this festival, different tulip flowers are displayed. While there, cultural programs, handicraft shops and stalls showcase traditional Kashmiri handicrafts.


It is celebrated in the month of October/November. On this occasion, Muslims wear new clothes and pamper themselves with delicious feasts. It represents the fasting month of Ramadan.

The Navroz Festival 

This festival is celebrated by Shia Muslims which lasts for about nine days of fasting and praying. It marks the birth anniversary of Prince Ali Muhammad.

The Urs Festival

This festival commemorates death anniversaries of the holy saints. Not only in Srinagar, this festival is also celebrated in other parts of the capital by Hindus and Sikhs to give respect to their saints.

The Hemis Festival- It is a religious fair that is held at the Hemis Gompa located in Ladakh. The festival started 12 years back and is marked by masked dances and other festivities.