Goa Liberation Day

Goa Liberation day is observed in the state of Goa each year on 19th December. The festival is celebrated to honor the Indian Armed forces who freed the state from the Portuguese in 1961. Various programs were being organized on Goa Liberation day across the state.

Facts to remember about Goa Liberation Day 

  • Operation Vijay’ ended after 451 years of rule by the Portuguese on Goa.
  • In the battle, 22 Indians and 30 Portuguese soldiers were killed.
  • Kunhiraman Palat Candeth, a senior army officer was named Lieutenant Governor after Goa was regained. He was tasked with looking after the administration.
  • Goa was given statehood status on 30 May 1987.

How the celebrations take place on ‘ Goa Liberation Day’?

Goa Liberation Day is celebrated by the people of Goa with a lot zeal and enthusiasm. Governor and the Chief Minister extend their greetings and remember the brave hearts who laid down their lives for the independence of the state. Torchlights rallies are taken out from different locations and various cultural events are held in the state to mark the day.