Good Friday

Predominantly observed by the Christians spreadacross the globe, it is considered as more of a mourning day remembering the crucifixion of Jesus. In Germany, the day is observed as Karfreitag or 'Sorrowful Friday' in German. Similarly, in Spain, Good Friday is observed asViernes Santo or 'Holy or Sacred Friday'. This year, Good Friday will be observed on the 15 April, 2022.

How celebrations take place on Good Friday

The biggest remembrance takes place in the Vatican City where people flock to witness the Pope reciting the way of the cross outside the Colosseum for Catholics from across the world. A massive cross with torches burns in the sky and believers hold their own candles.

Catholics observe the day by fasting and offering prayers in the Churches. Services are held in the afternoon—the time when Jesus was crucified on the cross. Christians honor Jesus by remembering his sacrifices and the pain he went through during the last hours for the good of all mankind. Some churches also observe the Veneration of the Cross. It’s a small ritual where Christians kneel before the cross to affirm their faith.

Every year in London, on Good Friday a passion play depicting the crucifixion in Trafalgar Square is held. Thousands of people gather to watch the 90-minute play, which is open to public and completely free. In Bermuda, people engage in flying kites that resemble Jesus’s journey or ascension to heaven.

Some Churches, especially those in Mexico and Belgium are covered in black or dark colours. In Jerusalem, which is considered as the birthplace of Jesus, Christians follow the same path that led to Jesus’s crucifixion carrying a cross (sometimes of the same weight) like the one that Jesus carried. In Ireland, it’s prohibited to sell alcohol on this day.

In India, people of Christian faith go to churches to offer respect to the Lord. The day is observed as a national holiday for most government offices, IT firms, stock markets, and banks. It’s also a public holiday for people residing in in Daman and Diu, as well as Dadra and Nagar Haveli as per the Bombay High Court’s directive. Parades are held in some places in remembrance of Jesus. Christianity-based religious programmes are common.

Good Friday is more of a somber day in the entire “Holy Week” and is not celebrated with fairs and events. It’s a day where the Christians gather to remember and honor Jesus’ sacrifice.