Bhogi Holiday

Bhogi festival is being celebrated on the first day of Pongal or Makar Sakranti. It is celebrated in the honor of Lord Indra who is also known as the Lord of the rain who brings prosperity and happiness to the land. This year it falls on 15 January, Wednesday.

How the celebrations take place?

On Bhogi, people discard their old and useless household items, wood, and clothes among others. These items are thrown into fire which is made of wood and cowdung cakes. The ritual is called as “Bhogi mantalu” and is aimed at getting rid of old and negative things from your life and focus on new beginnings. Women wear new clothes and chant mantras around the holy fire.

They clean their house and draw rangoli of colors and flowers in front of their house. People also decorate their house with marigold garlands and mango leaves. It is also said to drive away all the negative energy from and around the house and make way for positive energy. A lot of agriculture waste is also burnt in the bonfire which is expected to offer heat during the cold weather which is about to end.