Best places to visit in Shimla

Shimla is known as the ‘Queen of Hills’. This is a beautiful hill station located in Himachal Pradesh. The place has snow-capped mountains, spectacular lakes, pleasant climate and lush greenery. It has a wide range of attractions and famous places that attract people to visit here during the holiday season. 

Major Tourist Attractions

The Ridge

This is the most popular tourist destination in Shimla which offers spectacular mountain views. It is located on the Mall road which is the most famous shopping centre of Shimla. This place is a hub of all kinds of cultural activities where people come and enjoy themselves. Some of the famous places like Snowdon, Mall, Jakhoo hill etc. are connected through the ridge.


It is a small destination located in Shimla district. The picturesque destination offers scenic views and snow-capped landscapes which attracts tourists from all around the world. During the winter season, people visit here for skiing. Some of the other important attractions here include the Chini Bungalow which is known for its architecture and statues and Kufri Fun World which is an amazing amusement park.


Chail is a small village in Himachal which is also known as ‘hiker’s paradise. This place is surrounded by lush greenery and scenic views. It is also home to the famous Chail palace which is known for its architectural brilliance and the world’s highest cricket ground. 

Mall Road

Mall Road is one of the famous tourist places in Shimla. This is a famous shopping street which is a haven for shoppers and everyone alike. You can find everything from warm woollen to beautiful handicrafts at this place at a reasonable price. 

Chadwick Falls

Chadwick falls is located about 7 km away from the main city near Summer Hill. It is also a popular tourist attraction which is surrounded by lush green forests and mist-covered hills. This waterfall is not only beautiful, but it is also considered religious.

Best time to visit- March to June and July to September

Famous Fairs and Festivals Celebrated in Shimla

Shimla is best known for its breath-taking beauty and rich cultural heritage and tradition. It is home to spectacular mountain views and scenic landscapes. Below is the list of some of the fairs and festivals celebrated in Shimla.


Bharara Fair- This fair is held on the 1st of May. During this fair, people honour Lord Koteshwar. The goats are sacrificed to please them. People from various caste and creeds join this festival and celebrate with great joy. Other main attractions of this festival are Natti dance and Hindola rides.

Bhoj Fair

This is a festival which is celebrated in Guman village during November and lasts for 3 days. During this festival, thousands of devotees come to Shimla to honour, Devta Bansor who is worshipped during the fair.

Rohru Fair

This fair is organised in Rohru on the banks of Pabbar river. It mainly takes place on the 9th and 10th in the month of Baisakhi. This is a commercial fair where Natti dance is performed along with other cultural activities.

Mahasu Fair

This fair is a two-day celebration which takes place in the Mahasu Village of Shimla. During this festival, a Natti dance is performed along with various other cultural shows. A goat is also slaughtered and offered to the deity.

Lavi Fair

Lavi Fair is organised in the Rampur district during the month of November. During this fair, many cultural programs such as Natti dance and music shows are arranged. Besides this, various items are also sold like food grains, utensils and clothes. 


Summer Festival-Summer festival is organised every year during the month of May. It is a festival which is held every year in May at Shimla. During this festival, people who are specialised in their field come to Shimla to give their performance and to attract the audience over there.

Spring Festival- This festival is celebrated during 28-30thof April every year. During this festival, several cultural programs like folk dances, music and other traditional activities are performed by the local artists.

Ice Skating Carnival- It is also among the popular festivals of Shimla. It is organised during the winter months from December to February. On this festival, people do ice skating and enjoy snowfall and mesmerizing view of snow-capped mountains.

Sipi Festival- This festival is celebrated during May at Sihpur village in Shimla to honour the Sip Devta. During this festival, many cultural programs are arranged, and a goat is slaughtered in honour of the deity.

Rhyali Festival- It is one of the most important festivals that is celebrated in Shimla. During this festival, people worship the god of rain so that the rain doesn’t affect their harvest. It is celebrated during June and July.

Mahasu Jatar Festival- This festival is celebrated in May at the Mahasu Village. It is celebrated in front of Durga Devi temple. During the festival, a variety of cultural programs like folk dance, music, archery competition etc.