Bihar Diwas

Bihar Diwas or Bihar Day falls on March 22nd every year. It is observed as an open holiday in the Indian state of Bihar. This day marks the formation of the state of Bihar.

How the festival is celebrated?

Bihar Diwas is celebrated with great love and joy that marks the foundation day of the east Indian state of Bihar. On March 22nd, 1912 Bihar state was carved out from the Bengal Presidency of British India. Orissa also became a state as part of this break-up. The celebration for this festival got started in 2011 and since then it has become a state festival full of festivities and fervour that depicts the image and spirit of Bihar. People of the state celebrate this festival by organising some gala functions and cultural extravaganzas that involves the participation of the people in large numbers. The State Government of Bihar also organises Bihar Utsav to commemorate Bihar’s Foundation Day. Bihar Utsav is a cultural festival in which the people of state displays the culture, art and heritage of Bihar at Dilli Haat in Delhi.