Ningol Chakouba

Ningol Chakouba is one of the popular social festivals which is celebrated in with great joy across Manipur. This festival falls on the second lunar day of the Manipuri calendar’s Hiyangei month which is November. On this festival, married women (Ningol) are invited to their parent’s (Chakouba) to their parent’s house with their children and husband. This is a kind of get together for the family where every member of the family sits and eats together. This festival is observed by the Pangals or the Manipuri Muslims.

How the festival is celebrated?

The preparation for this festival begins many days ahead, the members of the family wait the whole year eagerly for this day to meet and greet their daughters and sisters along with their kids with great excitement and joy. To celebrate this festival, special dishes are prepared which is to be served to the beloved sisters and daughters. 

Dishes including Nga-Thongba (Fish Curry), Nga-Agouba (a mixed fried item of potatoes and fish pieces) and Eromba (Manipuri Chutney), etc. Women also wear traditional and ethnic clothes, bring sweets and fruits to celebrate the festival with their family. Kids also receive new clothes and gifts from their grandparents. The festival has a great significance as it strengthens the bond of love among the family.