International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day is observed each year on 08th September to draw attention to improvements that take place in the World Literacy rates. This is also a time for Governments across the world, civil society and stakeholders to reflect upon the world’s literacy challenges that lie before them.

History of International Literacy Day

On 26 October 1966, UNESCO proclaimed 8 September as International Literacy Day to combat worldwide issues of illiteracy. The purpose was not only to overcome the problem of illiteracy but also to promote literacy as a tool that could empower individuals as well as whole communities. 

Due to this many people around the globe will get employment opportunities and will improve their lives. Do you know that the idea of an International Literacy Day was born at the World Conference of Ministers of Education on the eradication of illiteracy held in Tehran in 1965? This day was also adopted as part of the UN's sustainable development goals program in 2015.


As the food is important to be alive the same literacy is also important. It is a necessary tool to eradicate poverty, lowering child mortality, controlling population growth, attaining gender equality, etc. It is correctly said that literacy can raise family status. Therefore, this day is celebrated to encourage the people towards getting continuous education and understand their responsibility for the family, society and the country.