It is marked as the beginning of Durga Puja Festival. To celebrate this day, traditional Bengali dishes being made, people wear new clothes and playing Rabindrasangeet. It is the main festival of Karnataka, Tripura, Odisha and West Bengal. This year it is coming on 10 September,2022.

History of Mahalaya 

According to mythology, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara created Goddess Durga to defeat King Mahishasura. The demon king had gotten a boon that he cannot be exterminated by anyone, including gods and goddesses. The creators of Goddess Durga had given her several weapons to fight against the demon king. Basically, Mahalaya connotes the arrival of Goddess Durga to Earth. Goddess Durga is believed to be the Goddess of ultimate power.

How celebrations take place?

Mahalaya Amavasya is celebrated with the decoratively designed statues of Goddess Durga. People bring the statue of the Goddess to their houses. The statues are even set up in festooned plinths called pedals. People also remember their ancestors on that day. Devotees shall offer Tarpan in remembrance of their ancestors. Tarpan must be offered on empty stomach on the bank of holy river Ganga. Devotees should have food after finishing the rituals.