Arunachal Pradesh Holidays 2023

The page covers various holidays including public holidays, regional holidays, and national holidays. It will be useful for various purposes. If you want to book a travel ticket or plan a holiday vacation, use this page.

New year's day01 JanuarySunday
Pongal15 JanuarySunday
Republic Day
26 January
State Day20 FebruaryMonday
08 MarchWednesday
Good Friday
07 April
Bohag Bihu
13 April
Buddha Purnima05 MayFriday
Independence Day
15 August
Ganesh Chaturthi19 SeptemberTuesday
Gandhi Jayanti
02 October
Maha Ashtami22 OctoberSunday
24 October
12 NovemberSunday
Indigenous Faith Day01 DecemberFriday
Christmas Day
25 December

Main festivals of Arunachal Pradesh 2023

Dussehra: Dussehra is a prime festival for the Hindus in Arunachal Pradesh and is celebrated differently. The festival falls either in September or in October every year. Friends, neighbors, family members, and relatives will exchange festival wishes among themselves.

Statehood Day: Statehood Day, a public holiday in Arunachal Pradesh is the epitome of the multi-layered identity of the culture of the state that organizes an array of cultural shows. The state also organizes food festivals, fashion shows, and Arogya mela to remark the 4-day festival. The local political leaders will usually inaugurate the cultural festival. Statehood Day is one of the most significant Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2022.

New Year’s Day: New Year’s Day remarks the commencement of the New Year according to the Gregorian calendar. It is a special day for all classes of people who define resolutions for the forthcoming year. Friends, family members, and relatives gather or make a trip to the destination(s) of their choice to welcome the New Year.

Republic Day: The government offices will remain shut across the state of Arunachal Pradesh on this auspicious day. The prime celebration takes place in Delhi, the capital city of India, before the President of the country.

Holi: Holi is a festival of colors celebrated by Hindus across the world as it holds a special significance and harmony among people. The festival is celebrated in remembrance of the assassination of Holika, sister of Hrinyakashyapu.

Good Friday: Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Christians across the world mark this day with prayers and listen to sermons on the purpose of Christ the Savior.

Independence Day: Independence Day, a national holiday in India, commemorates the independence of India from the UK. Schools, colleges, and government offices across the state of Arunachal Pradesh will remain closed. Delhi holds special celebrations.

Diwali: Diwali is the biggest festival celebrated by Hindus across the globe signifying the victory of good over evil or the triumph of light over darkness.

Christmas Day: The Christians residing across the state of Arunachal Pradesh will perform special church services, sing Christian songs, interchange festival wishes, and party. Christmas Day is a public holiday in the state.