Jharkhand Holidays 2023

Here is the list of holidays in Jharkhand for the year 2023. India, being a fervent and culturally diverse society, celebrates several festivals, and thus, there are different holidays. Each state in India has local occasions depending on predominant linguistic and religious demographics.

Republic Day
26 January
Maha Shivratri18 FebruarySaturday
08 MarchWednesday
Good Friday07 AprilFriday
Sarhul24 MarchFriday
Mahavir Jayanti04 AprilTuesday
Ambedkar Jayanti14 AprilFriday
22 AprilSaturday
Buddha Purnima
05 MayFriday
Bakrid/Shaheed Uddham Singh Martyrdom day
29 JuneThursday
Independence Day
15 August
29 July
06 SeptemberWednesday
Gandhi Jayanti
02 October
Maha Ashtami/ Maha Navami22 OctoberSunday
24 OctoberTuesday
Eid-e-Milad27 SeptemberWednesday
12 NovemberSunday
Chhat Puja
19 NovemberSunday
Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti27 NovemberMonday
Christmas day
25 December

Major religious festivities that one needs to experience in Jharkhand are as follows:


Celebrations began at a time when the Saal trees blossoms with flowers in Spring. Worship of deities happens in this festival with the new flowers. On this occasion, traditional drums, dhols, etc. are played and the boys carry the Pahan on their shoulders, and girls dance ahead taking the boy to his house, where his wife awaits him.

Chhat Puja

It is one of the most popular festivals in Jharkhand. It is an age-old Hindu festival that is dedicated to the worshiping of the Sun God, Surya and is also known as Surya Shashti. The Chhat Puja is performed in the hour of God Surya, asking the earth and the sun deities to grant wishes. 


Bandana is extremely famous among the festivals in Jharkhand. Celebrations take place during Karthik Amavasya, for the animals, with pomp and splendor. The tribal population which constitutes most of the Jharkhand population is extremely close to their animals.


This festival is held once every 12 years. The womenfolk wear menswear and go hunting in the forests. It is in remembrance of the driving away from the Mohammedans by the Kurukh womenfolk in Roh-tas-Garh.

Bhagat Parab

In the period between spring and summer, this festival in Jharkhand is a celebration by the tribes for the tribes who worship Lord Buddha. 


In Jharkhand, the celebration of Rohini commences with the sowing of seeds. Since a large part of Jharkhand’s economy is based on agriculture, it is for that reason a very popular festival. 

Hai Punya

It is the festival that marks the beginning of fall and winter. As the first day of Magh month, it ushers the beginning of plowing. The farmers start the festival celebrations by plowing a section of their land and marking the auspicious beginning of the farming season.