Bulk PAN Verification

The facility of Online PAN verification is provided to certain entities. One can also do PAN verification on behalf of someone if they have all the required details related to the PAN verification.

There are three ways to do the PAN Verification via online.

Option 1: Verification of a single PAN at a time

Option 2: Bulk PAN verification (External Agencies)

Option 3: Bulk PAN verification based on ‘User Paying Model’.

Bulk PAN verification (External Agencies)

External Agencies include both Non- Government, and Government can choose to register as a PAN verification agency and verify as many as number of PAN card details. Agencies fall under this category are DGFT, CBEC, FIU, Banks, UTIISL, NSDL, and MCA. One can check the process of bulk PAN verification on the website of the Income Tax India E-Filing, a government website.

Process to verify PAN in bulk

  • Agencies have to do registration for Bulk PAN verification on the website of www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in.
  • After doing registration, you can go the page ‘Bulk PAN Query Page’ and choose the option to ‘upload Query’.
  • You should use the XML format to upload the query and then click’ Submit’.
  • On successful submission of the query, the token number is generated.
  • This token number is being used to view the details of PAN uploaded using this system.

Process of bulk PAN verification user registration

  • Log on to the website of Tax E- filing of Indian Government and select’ Register Yourself’ at the homepage.
  • Click on the ‘Bulk PAN Verification User’ to do the selection of user type.
  • Provide the PAN/ TAN card details of agency in case it is applicable, password details, PAN of the person who will act as the communication details of the organization, principal contact, and digital signature certificate.
  • After that click on ‘Submit’.
  • Apart from that user who is doing bulk PAN verification must provide an authorization letter signed by the head of the agency. After that,  the PAN request evaluation will take place and approval will be given on receiving all documents.
  • After the evaluation, an email will be sent to the registered email address, with the activation link and User ID details which will help to activate an e-filing account.
  • The user can now login with a new User ID and the Password they registered to complete the process.

Bulk PAN verification based on User Paying Model

User Pays Model can be used for bulk PAN verification by only approved government and non-government agencies. The service is chargeable on annual basis. It is a software-based PAN verification process. Registration charges for using this facility for bulk verification is Rs 12000 inclusive of 18% of GST. One can renew this facility on annual basis. The charges of renewal are same as initial registration charges.

The best part about using this service is that agency get a set number of free PAN verification each day. If by anyhow, verification request exceeds the limit, then in that case, one must pay individually for using the account created for service provider.

Any agency, if availing the API based or file and screen-based PAN verification facility then need to maintain enough deposit against its User ID to verify the PAN numbers.