PAN Card Fees and Charges

A PAN Card is considered  an invaluable resource of India. As in India, everyone is involved in trade or business. Each taxpayer in the country should compulsorily needto hold a PAN Card. If anyone making financial transactions without giving PAN Card details, in that case,  the government is levying penalty on those. It is not an expensive affair to own a PAN Card. There are minimal PAN charges kept by the government to apply for a PAN Card. Charges are higher in a case where PAN Card need to be sent outside the country.

New PAN card fees and charges

Applicants who were residing in India needs to pay a fee of Rs 101, which includes 18% GST also.  The Government has imposed a uniform PAN fee for all PAN applications which have a communication address within the country. Fee varies, depending on the use of mode for making the payment.

PAN Card fees and charges for making changes /reprint

There is might be a possibility for an individual that he or she may lose or damage his or her PAN Card. In such a case,  the PAN card fee charge will be Rs 110 inclusive of GST. But this fee is to be charged only in the case if the communication address is within India. Rates differ in case of communication address is overseas.

Fees for new/ reprinted PAN Card for individuals who were residing abroad

Booming Indian economy who has attracted the number of foreign players who are carrying out their business in India. To have a PAN Card is mandatory for such entities also, be it an individual and they are required to go through the same process as a resident of India. In these cases, the government is charging a fee of Rs 1011.00(Application fee + Dispatch Charges Rs 857). For new PAN application, fee is Rs 1020 and for reprint of a PAN Card fee is (application fee 93.00+ Dispatch charges Rs 771.00 + 18% of GST)

PAN Card fees for E-PAN Card

Address Type Fees GST Total Charged

Indian Communication address

Rs 56

Rs 10.08

Rs 66.00

Foreign Communication address

Rs 56

Rs 10.08

12 Months

Mode of payment of PAN Fees charges

A. Communication address within India:

  • All those individuals who have a communication address within the Indian Territory can make payment via Debit card or Credit Cards, Demand Drafts or through Net Banking.
  • One should always keep in mind that payment through credit cards or Debit Cards, then an additional charge of 2% will also be on application fee.  The Bank could also impose applicable taxes over and above the fee charged by a PAN.
  • If the payment made through Demand Drafts is accepted only if the DD is “in favor of NSDL PAN’’ payable at Mumbai.
  • Payment through Net Banking will attract a surcharge of Rs.4 plus service tax, to be borne by an applicant.

B. Communication address is outside India:

Individuals or companies having a communication address outside India can make payment either using Debit Card, Credit Cards or Demand Drafts. The demand draft should always be in favor of the “NSDL-PAN”, payable only in Mumbai. Payment made through Debit Card or Credit card will attract additional bank-imposed charges which are 2% plus service tax. Additionally, one might also incur conversion or exchange charges imposed by the bank to initiate such payment.

People permitted to make payment on behalf of others

The Government of India permits others to make payment on behalf of applicants (Debit Card, Credit Card and Net Banking depending on who is applying for a PAN Card.

  • Individual applicants: In the case of an individual applicant, either applicant himself or herself makes the payment or his or her immediate family can also pay the application fee.
  • Hindu undivided families: In the case of the Hindu undivided family, only Karta of the said HUF can make payments.
  • Companies/ Firms: Any Director or Partner of a firm can make payment on their behalf.
  • Trusts or Associations: In the case of the associations, trusts or local authorities, etc, can make payment only by authorized signatory as per the rules of Income Tax Act.

Current status of a PAN Fee refund

There are chances of rejection of PAN application of an individual on grounds of incorrect, incomplete information or failure to adhere to the instructions. In such a case, the applicant must know that there is no provision of a fee refund. They can apply for PAN by correcting the wrong information, using the same payment details.