PAN Card Verification

To apply for a PAN card application is a mandatory and simple process.  To do PAN card verification, one can make use of NSDL E-Governance or UTI Infrastructure Technology by submitting the required details. One must keep in mind that the PAN verification facility is only available online. It is a mandate for the authorized applicant to register online only.

Three methods to do the PAN Card Verification

API PAN Based Verification File Based Verification (pa) Screen-Based Verification

This mode enables the application to do the PAN verification by making use of the PAN verification site with the help of software applications.

With this mode,  the applicant logs into the account and then upload a file that contain as many as 1000 PAN cards in the given structure as mentioned on the website of NSDL.

After 24 hours of uploading and submitting the file,  the website will provide all the essential PAN details.

If  the user uploaded the file in a wrong format, then the rejection message received by the user.

Firstly,  the user needs to log in and furnish maximum of five PAN numbers which is provided on the screen. All PAN details must be submitted and the same to be given out as results.

What is the eligibility of PAN verification?

Goods and Services Tax Network

Commercial Taxes Department

Reserve Bank of India

Income Tax Projects


Stock Exchange

Commodity Exchange

Clearing Corporations

Educational Institutions set up by regulatory bodies

Companies that require furnishing of Annual Information Return

Entities that need to furnish the Annual Information Return

Credit Card Companies

Mutual Funds

Companies as well as Government deduct that file TDS and TCS return.

Insurance repository

Non-Banking Financial enterprises approved by the Reserve Bank of India.

Documents required at the time of PAN Card Verification

Details related to Organization-the required details.

  • Entity’s name
  • Entity’s TAN and PAN
  • Entity’s Category
  • Entity’s Personal Details

Documents required related to Payment

  • Amount of Payment
  • Payment Mode
  • The number of instruments

Details about the digital signature Certificate

  • Certifying authority’s name.
  • Digital Signature Certificate’s class.
  • Serial Number of the Digital Signature Certificate.

Process of refiling of PAN Verification

Online PAN Verification facility is only available for a year by an Authorized Entity after which the facility expires.  The annual renewal fee for online PAN verification is Rs 12000 which includes 18% GST Tax. At the end of the duration of PAN Verification, system generated e-mail will appear in which procedure of renewal of PAN verification is to be mentioned.  The applicant should do the renewal, 60 days before the expiry date of PAN verification.

Steps are mentioned below:

  • Make use of the Digital Signature Certificate and log in with user id.
  • Select the option ‘Payment’.
  • Then click on the ‘’ Renewal of Facility’’ option which is appearing on the screen.
  • One should properly fill up all the details regarding the payment.
  • Lastly, click on the ‘Submit’ button to complete the renewal procedure.