How to apply for Driving License

If you wish to drive your motor vehicle on Indian roads, you must have a valid driving license issued by the regional transport office in your state. You can easily apply for a driving license using two modes i.e. online and offline according to your convenience. Also, you need to keep in mind that you should have to obtain a learner’s license first before getting a driving license. Here, you can understand the whole process of how to apply for a driving license as well as a learner’s license using both the modes.

What are the advantages of applying for a driving license online?

Though you have the freedom to choose whether online or offline mode as per your convenience. You can choose an online mode if you want to get your license easily and fast. Have a look at the benefits which you can get while applying for a driving license online.

It saves your time: When you apply for a driving license online, you do not need to spend your time visiting an RTO office to make an application. You can make it online in a few minutes. 

Reduces inaccuracy: When you apply for a license online, you are in complete control of its application. You can make sure all details which you have entered in your form are correct and complete. As a result, you reduce the chances of an error in transcribing hand-written forms onto the computer system by RTO personnel. No inaccuracy means that you do not need to waste your time in getting your license rectified afterward.

What are the documents required while applying for a driving license?

Whether you apply for a driving license offline or online, you will need a certain set of documents which are as follows:

  • Proof of Age such as (birth certificate, PAN card, school certificate, passport)
  • Proof of Address such as (Utility bills, payslips, bank passbook, ration card, voter ID, passport, life insurance policy)
  • Aadhaar card
  • Current residence proof (electricity bill, bank statement, telephone bill, etc)
  • The state RTO centres, or portals provide the following forms:
  • Application form
  • Physical fitness declaration
  • Application for grant of Driving License
  • Medical certificate form
  • 1 passport-sized photograph

If you are a diplomat/foreigner/physically disabled/refugee, carry the following documents:

  • Passport copy
  • Visa copy
  • Citizenship proof
  • Resident permit proof
  • Medical certificate from the native country
  • Physically challenged certificate
  • Diplomat proof
  • Learner’s license copy

Online procedure to apply for a driving license-

To obtain a driving license, you should first have to get a learner’s license. You can easily get a driving license if you have held the learner’s license for at least 30 days. After that, you can file your driving license application online by following these easy steps.

Firstly, visit the Sarathi website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway and then follow the below steps.

  • On visiting the website, on your left-hand side, you will see options under “Driving License”.
  • Then, choose the “Apply Online” option and from the drop-down choose “New Driving License”.
  • Now, you will be displayed instructions for submitting your driving license application form. Please read the instructions carefully and click on the “Continue” button to proceed further.
  • After clicking on the “Continue” button, you will be asked if you are holding a Learner’s License, a Foreign driving license, or a Defence License. Tick the appropriate box and proceed.
  • Based on your selection above, you will be asked for the Learner’s License Number/Foreign DL Number/ Defence License Number.
  • Now enter your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format.
  • After filling the desired information, please click on “OK”.
  • In this form, you will be asked to fill up your details like your full name, age, and address.
  • Once you fill all the details, you will be asked to upload all the required documents such as address proof, age proof, and identity proof.
  • You will also be asked to upload your passport size photograph and your signature. You have to keep the scanned copies for the same handy.
  • After uploading all the documents, you will be asked to choose the timing for your driving license appointment. Select the date and the time when you will be available to go directly to the RTO office and appear for your driving license test.
  • After making the payment and submitting your driving license application form, your application will be successfully sent to the RTO.
  • On your appointment day, make sure you reach a few minutes early and give your test.

After completing your form and reviewing the information, the applicant can submit the form online by clicking on the 'Submit' button at the end of the form. After finally submitting your form, an auto-generated Web Application Number will be displayed on the screen. Please note the number for future reference and to check the status of the application.

Offline procedure to apply for driving license-

You can also apply for a driving license offline by visiting the nearest branch of the RTO office. After that, you need to fill out the necessary documents and submit them along with your application form. The documents you would require are identity proofs, residential proof, or proof of citizenship. Once this is done, you need to visit the RTO office gain for your online test. 

How to apply for a learner’s license?

Applicants who want to apply for a driving license will first have to apply for a learner’s license. It is a provisional license that is issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) based on vehicle class. To apply for this license, people are required to fill up the application form and submit it along with the required documents and fees. People can apply for a learner’s license online on the RTO website.

Conditions to meet while applying for a learner’s license-

  • Applicant’s age should be above 16 years for obtaining a license for a two-wheeler vehicle and above 18 for a four-wheeler vehicle.
  • Learner's license holders can apply for a driving license 30 days after the issue of their Learner's license.
  • Learner's license holders need to apply for a driving license within 180 days (6 months) of their Learner's License being issued.

The process to apply for a learner's license online:

The way you apply for a driving license, applicants can also apply for a learner’s license through the RTO (Regional Transport Office) website. To initiate the process, you need to fill the application form and submit it. Besides this, you can also book your driving test appointment, all from the comfort of your home. 

Documents required to obtain a learner's license:

The following documents are to be uploaded along with the application form:

  • Physical Fitness Declaration (form 1)
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Medical certificate (form 1-A)
  • Proof of address such as passport, ration card, life insurance policy, voter’s ID card, an affidavit sworn before a Public Notary or a Judicial Magistrate.
  • Proof of age such as passport, voter’s ID card, birth certificate, school matriculation certificate, life insurance policy, or affidavit sworn before a Public Notary or Magistrate.