Learning License Test questions 2021

To be applicable for driving on public roads in India, one must hold a valid driving license. The first step to get a driving license is to procure a learning license for which you need to pass a written test, either online or offline. The questions asked in the test will be in the form of a multiple-choice format, wherein applicants are required to choose only one option as a correct answer. Applicants need to get a minimum number of answers correct to pass the test.

Here for your better understanding, we are listing some of the sample questions that may be asked while obtaining a learner's license. The correct answers have been highlighted in bold.

What would you do if you are near a pedestrian crossing and people are waiting to cross the road?

  • Slow down, press the horn, and proceed
  • Press horn and proceed
  • Stop the vehicle, wait until pedestrians cross the road

Suppose you are coming towards a narrow bridge and another vehicle is entering the bridge from the other side. What should you do then?

  • Wait until the other vehicle crosses the bridge before proceeding
  • Switch on the headlight and the cross the bridge
  • Increase the speed of the vehicle cross the bridge quickly

If you see a vehicle that has met with an accident with injured passengers, what should you do?

  • Stop your vehicle and report the matter to the nearest police station
  • Take the vehicle to the closest police station and report the accident
  • Take measures to secure medical attention to those injured and report the accident to the closest police station within 24 hours.

The road that has been designated as one way. What you should not do?

  • You should not park on that road
  • You should not overtake
  • You should not drive in reverse gear

 What should you do if you see a sign of the slippery road ahead?

  • Drive faster
  • Change the gear and reduce the speed
  • Press brake and proceed at the same speed

For how much time a learner's license remains valid?

  • 30 days
  • 6 months
  • Until a driving license is availed

If a road does not have a footpath, pedestrians will have to

  • Walk on the right side of the road
  • Walk on the left side of the road
  • Walk on any side of the road

The free passage should be provided to which of the following vehicles?

  • Express buses
  • Police vehicles
  • Fire service vehicles and ambulance

From which side should the vehicles coming from the opposite proceed?

  • Left side
  •  Right side
  • Any convenient side

A driver can overtake a vehicle only when

  • The driver of the vehicle ahead gives the signal to overtake
  • The road is wide enough
  • Driving down a hill

If a vehicle is parked on the side of a road at night, what should you do then?

  • The vehicle should be locked
  • Park light should remain on
  • All the above

When should we use the fog lamps?

  • When there is mist
  • At night
  • When the opposite vehicle is not making the use of dim light

 Zebra lines on the road are meant for?

  • Crossing the pedestrians
  • Stopping the vehicles
  • Overtaking

 What should you do, if the ambulance is approaching your vehicle?

  • You should not give any preference
  • Provide passage if there are no vehicles on the other side
  • Allow free passage to the ambulance by moving to the side of the road

When is the overtaking prohibited?

  •  Roads are slippery
  • When the road is crowded
  • All the above

You should not honk when you are near

  • Religious places such as temples, mosques, and churches
  • Hospitals, the court of law
  • Near police stations

The rear-view mirror is utilized for

  • Watching traffic that is approaching from behind
  • Watching back seat passengers
  • Car decor

Boarding in and alighting from vehicles when it is in motion is

  • Allowed in autos
  • Allowed in buses
  • Prohibited in all vehicles

 Which records are needed for private vehicles?

  • G.C.R, Insurance Certificate, Registration Certificate
  • Insurance Certificate, Registration Certificate, Driving License, and Tax Token
  • Permit, Trip Sheet, Registration Certificate

What is the validity of the Pollution Under Control Certificate?

  •  1-year
  • 6 months
  •  2 years

What is the minimum age for availing a license to drive a motor vehicle without gear?

  • 16 years
  • 21 years
  • 18 years

If a driver of a two-wheeler vehicle is turning to the left, what should he/she do?

  • Extend the right hand and give the left turn signal
  • Not give any signal
  • Extend the left hand and give the left turn signal

Using unregistered vehicles in public spaces is

  • Illegal
  • Legal
  •  Legal if necessary

What is the minimum age to avail driving license for transport vehicles is

  • 16 years
  • 20 years
  • 45 years

So, you would be asked questions like these as mentioned above when you will appear for the learner’s license test. Knowing such types of questions would help you to boost your test preparation.