Barclays Bank

In India, Barclays is working as one of the biggest UK-based banks with more than 12,000 staff as well as cutting-edge technology to balance it out. Apply for Barclays Debit Card to pay off your shopping bills at millions of stores across the world and online as well as withdraw cash from any Visa Electron supported ATM. Read here in detail about Barclays bank.

Features of Barclays Bank Debit Card

Settling supermarket and other shopping bills:

You can easily swipe your Barclays bank debit card for cash disbursal and for purchases at any place where the Visa electron is recognized. Check for Visa electron before starting the purchases. Using the Barclays debit card, you may also splurge up with the existing balance in your bank account. If you want to spend more than that, there has to be an overdraft agreement between you and the bank up to a specific amount.

Online shopping- Pay quickly and easily

You can utilize the Barclays Debit card for paying the products and facilities you are procuring at any online mercantile where payment via Visa electron is valid. Always do a background check on the website just to make sure that it is highly regarded and safe. You can also verify if the web address alters from HTTP to HTTPS before you feed your debit card details. This shows that all the info you are putting in and its transmission is encoded for better safety.

You can make the best use of cards internationally

Barclays debit card enjoys worldwide acceptance at over 2.4 crore locations. The exchange rate offered by the card is pragmatic to most overseas currency disbursements made on your Barclays debit card.  So far the conversion rate is plus 3 percent of the transformed sum. International ATM cash withdrawals are viewed just like an overseas currency purchase and will also sustain a commission of 3 percent above the new amount.

Enjoy financial discipline with the help of Barclays Debit Card

Whenever you swipe Barclays Debit Card, you will receive an instant notification using SMS or email. You can also request monthly statements with the bank to track the transactions.

Benefits of using Barclays Bank Debit Card 

  • Tight security measures by designing a card chip-enabled.
  • Global access to a bank account.
  • More withdrawal and spending limits as compared to other banks (up to INR 50,000).
  • Easy shopping at any Visa Electron store locally, internationally, or online.
  • Get complete VISA Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS) while abroad.
  • Lost card accountability cover of up to INR 50,000.

The most popular debit card of Barclays bank is Classic Chip Debit Card.

Withdrawal Limit- Rs 50,000

Purchase Limit- Rs 50,000

Don’ts of using the Classic Chip Debit Card

  • Never write your PIN down anywhere. Try to keep it remembered
  • Do not leave your debit card unattended or surrender it to anyone but a chosen Bank Staff.
  • Never let a card be swiped in your absence
  • Never give your signature on any untallied transaction slip.