Visa Debit Cards

Visa debit cards are the most common form of debit cards with which we all are familiar.  This card is enjoying a popular presence in almost 200 countries. It holds a significant portion of the global financial market and offers a key method of making transactions. With its remarkable features, it has set a global standard. Read on to find out more about how VISA debit cards have helped secure transactions worldwide and bringing peace of mind to millions of customers.

Key highlights of Visa Debit Card

  • One of the safest alternatives to carry out the hard cash.
  • VISA debit cards are accepted all over the world at millions of merchant establishments.
  • The convenience of instant access to cash, any time you need.
  • Make online shopping highly secure with Visa’s Secure Network.

Types of VISA Debit Cards

Visa Classic

This form of card is useful not only at the time of cash withdrawals but also for making purchases at merchant establishments. Accepted at millions of locations worldwide.

Visa Gold

It makes you experience the finer side of life by making you avail of special offers at dining, retail, entertainment, and travel establishments. It also makes you entitled to receive medical and travel assistance and legal referral/assistance, along with toll-free access to the 24 Hour Customer Assistance Service.

Visa Platinum

Visa platinum debit card makes you enter into a world of rewards and privileges with the VISA Platinum debit card. Use this form of debit card and make the most of exclusive deals & discounts or call on the assistance of the 24x7 Concierge Service, be it for restaurant recommendations, flight reservations, etc.

Visa Signature debit cards

The Visa signature debit card makes your life rewarding with unrivaled access to the best rewards, deals, and discounts on popular brands. Apart from that, the debit cardholder gets round-the-clock assistance. 

Visa Infinite Debit Cards

Indulge your pleasures like never before by using VISA Infinite debit card. Enjoy complimentary lounge access at airports across India and discover the most exclusive deals and discounts. This card enjoys worldwide acceptance, allowing you instant access to cash, whenever you may need it.

Features of Visa Debit Cards

Visa Global Customer Assistance Service

In case of a lost card or misplacement, no need to get panic. The Visa global customer assistance service assists you with any card-related issues or queries 24x7.

Makes you enjoy 24x7 concierge services

The 24x7 concierge services assist you with a host of services like flight or train reservations, booking of hotels,  ticket purchases, and more. You can apply for concierge services online or over the phone from anywhere in the world.

Visa Security

Visa debit cards are known for secure networks powered by VisaNet especially when you are doing online shopping or making payment of utility bills. This system provides multiple levels of protection to any online transaction with Verified by Visa and 3-Digit Security Code.

Widespread ATM Network

Financial emergencies never come up with a notice. With a VISA debit card, you get access to over 1.9 million ATMs in over 200 countries around the world. Be it at home or overseas, you will always find a VISA ATM near you.

Safe Shopping

Enjoy a worry-free shopping experience by making transactions with your VISA debit card that is equipped with a host of safety features like Verified by Visa and 3-Digit Security Code to help secure all your card-related transactions.

Tips to keep in mind while using Visa Debit Card

  • For online transactions, you are required to change the connection from ‘HTTP’ to ‘HTTPS’ when you’re about to make the payment.
  • Ensure that you sign up for Verified by Visa via your bank so that all your card transactions are safe and secure.
  • Make your password confidential and hard to guess.
  • Avoid making online purchases from websites and e-retailers that aren’t established, known, and otherwise not legitimate.
  • Do not share personal details with an online store as the same may be used to access your online information for banking accounts.