ICICI Bank Rubyx Debit Card

The ICICI bank Rubyx Debit Card is one of the most powerful debit cards on the Visa platform. It has designed to offer the customer a host of privileges and benefits. Using the Rubyx debit card, the cardholder enjoys the shopping at the most along with availing of exciting discounts and cashback. If anyone who is looking to enhance the reward point earning ability must apply for ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Card. The myriad features that fuel this card will leave you spoilt for choice because of the reward points. You can generate when you make purchases using the Rubyx Debit Card.

Features of ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Card

  • The ICICI Bank Rubyx credit card comes with a high cash withdrawal and transaction limit.
  • The cash withdrawal limit is 1.5 Lakh per day and the transaction limit is Rs 2.5 Lakh per day.
  • It makes you enjoy a 2.5% surcharge at HPCL pumps. But use the card at the ICICI terminal only for fuel purchases at HPCL pumps. By doing so, you will save on your fuel transaction.
  • This card provides a complete insurance protection 
  • 15 lakhs as Personal Accident Insurance.
  • Rs 3 Crore Air accident insurance
  • Rs 5 Lakh as Purchase protection 

PAYBACK points program of ICICI Rubyx Debit Card

  • For each Rs 200 spent at Merchant establishment within India, one gets 6 PAYBACK points.
  • For each Rs 200 spent at a Merchant establishment outside India, one gets 10 PAYBACK points.
  • For each Rs 200 spent on the Indian website, one is earning 6 PAYBACK points
  • ICICI Rubyx Debit Card generates detailed bank statements of all transactions made on the card to include the date, merchant’s name, and the amount.

The eligibility criteria to apply for ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Card

All Privilege Banking Customers can apply for this card for Savings Account from ICICI bank.

Fee and charges

Joining fee999+GST
Annual Fee749+GST
Re-issuance chargesRs 200+GST
POS/Ecom TransactionsNIL

How to Apply

  • You can apply online providing the details of your existing debit card to upgrade your card to a Rubyx Debit Card.
  • You can call Customer Care directly and start the process.
  • You can receive a call from the ICICI representative by filling in the contact sheet available on the official ICICI India website.
  • You can step into the nearest ICICI bank branch to apply for the Rubyx Debit Card.